Volkswagen ID Buzz review: Dream van or EV nightmare? | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

by Hagerty
21 December 2022

Is the new, electric Volkswagen ID Buzz the equivalent of a Christmas novelty jumper? That’s the big question that requires some deep thinking, and Henry Catchpole is here to ponder such dilemmas, driving the ID Buzz and finding a way to convert it to a camper van, even though the first versions are most definitely not camper vans.

The camper van bit will come with the long-wheelbase version. However, the ever resourceful Catchpole has found a way to turn it into a Camper. With the ingenious Ququq (we had no idea how to pronounce it, either – cuckoo, apparently) BusBox-4 you can quickly convert the VW ID Buzz into a bedroom and kitchen. It’s not quite a full Westfalia-style transformation but it is rather appealing, not least because you can slide the whole thing out and revert the Buzz to its original five-seat layout.

Of course you might be the sort of person that thinks hotels were invented for a reason but still likes the idea of owning a Buzz. And why not, because it’s a very funky looking vehicle with its optional two-tone paint (the one seen here is Bay Leaf green, FYI) and it seems to make the world a slightly happier place wherever you go.

The fact that the ID Buzz is an electric, er, car is both a blessing and curse. It’s a boon because it makes it feel refined and relatively quick – not things you usually associate with a vehicle like this. However, with a 77kWh battery the Buzz doesn’t have a great range – you’ll be lucky to better 200 miles – and, if you live in the UK, the charging network still feels inadequate if you want to have an adventure that takes you further than 100 miles from your driveway. Even if it can be charged up to 170kW, should you find a suitable rapid charger when out and about.

Then there’s the festive fun. Santa Claus would certainly be able to fit plenty of presents in the back of a Buzz (although an ID Buzz Cargo, the commercial version, would be even better) and there is room for a tree on the dashboard (look closely). With bi-directional charging you could even use it to help run all the Christmas lights at home. And yes, the Camper key decoration is real (follow this link if you’d like one).

We hope you enjoy the film – a slightly more perched version of The Driver’s Seat. Let us know what you think of the Buzz in the comments down below: do you think it would make sense as an alternative to a more conventional family EV like a Tesla Model Y?

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