Back to Black: Henry Catchpole pits the AMG GT and SLS head-to-head

by Hagerty
12 October 2023

Mercedes’ SLS AMG Black Series and AMG GT Black Series are two of the wildest, rarest, most expensive (and longest-named) cars ever to emerge from Affalterbach. But the reason they feel so extreme might not be the one you imagine.

Think AMG and traditionally you think monster engines. And yes, both of these cars have very impressive V8 hardware under their long, wide bonnets. But with legislation pushing AMG (along with everyone else) toward downsizing and turbocharging in the engine department, it feels like there has been a shift in focus over recent years toward the handling of its cars. It’s been noticeable throughout the AMG range, but nowhere is it more evident than in the Black Series, where this trend arguably started with the SLS.

Henry catchpole amg black series sls gt

Although they have 622bhp and 720bhp, respectively, these AMGs are not just straight-line super heroes. Both Black Series creations have a real road racer vibe to them. Inside they might not feel quite as stripped-out as a Porsche 911 GT2 RS or a Ferrari 458 Speciale, but the suspension set-up feels every bit as focussed. What’s more, the retention of certain creature comforts inside gives both Black Series cars a surprising sheen of usability to go with their huge performance and extreme tyres (particularly in the case of the Cup 2R rubber on the GT).

The end result is that AMG has produced two of the most exciting cars of recent years. Which would you tuck into your collection?

Henry catchpole amg black series sls gt

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