Will this 1925 Ford Model T run after being neglected for years?

by Hagerty
21 March 2023

You’d think all of the barn finds would’ve been… well, found by now, but the likes of Tom Cotter show that isn’t the case. But while Tom unearths, Hagerty’s Davin Reckow fixes – and in the latest episode of Will It Run, the subject is one of the world’s most famous cars: the Ford Model T.

There must be more Model Ts hidden away than most, given Ford made around 15 million of them between 1908 and 1927. They’re among the most popular vintage cars worldwide but particularly in their native US, not just for being an automotive icon, but because they’re hardy too.

No vehicle is immune to the ravages of time though, and this T has been sitting a while. Davin and Jeff have a job on their hands to get it running again, that’s for sure, though being a 1925 model, later in the car’s production run, it does have the benefit of a starter motor to work with.

As ever with bringing a car back from slumber, you need to check for fuel, air, and spark – though a quick turn of the crank handle on this car also makes sure the engine turns freely. Removing the spark plugs allows a quick check of their condition and to squirt some lubricant into the combustion chambers, before cleaning them (with no replacements handy) and hooking everything back up.

By the standards of some cars Davin and Jeff have attempted to revive recently, this T doesn’t put up too much of a fight – its simplicity is certainly a bonus here, though it’s fascinating taking a look at the individual coil packs, each in a wooden box, which are all cleaned up before being reinstalled.

We’ll not give away whether the duo manage to get the car started or not, but let’s just say the biggest problem wasn’t necessarily the car, but overlooking one part of the process of getting it running again. And of course, you can’t attempt to revive a car like this without also giving the starting handle a try…

It makes for quite therapeutic watching, particularly if you’ve got a project of your own on the go, or are pulling out hair thanks to a much more complex machine. For more Hagerty videos head over to our YouTube channel, or catch up with Davin’s previous Redline Rebuild series here.

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