Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Learn more about a collector vehicle insurance policy through Hagerty and how we handle claims.

Insurance Coverage

Does Hagerty only provide Comprehensive motor insurance coverage?

Hagerty specialises in providing Comprehensive motor coverage for classic, specialist and enthusiast vehicles. However, we are also able to offer laid-up cover in specific circumstances such as vehicle restoration, display in museums, or for long-term storage. We do not currently provide cover for Third Party Only or on a Third Party Fire and Theft basis.

What are the eligibility criteria for Hagerty Insurance?

Typically, for a classic car policy vehicles must be 15 years or older to qualify for Hagerty Insurance. However, we do consider newer vehicles if they are classified as specialist, modern or future classics.

Are there any restrictions on Hagerty insurance?

Hagerty provides insurance for classic, specialist and enthusiast vehicles on a limited mileage basis. The maximum annual mileage allowed is 5,000 miles.

How many years of driving experience do I need?

To be eligible for a Hagerty policy, you must have held a licence for 5 years or more.

Does Hagerty cover everyday vehicles?

No, Hagerty's insurance program is designed specifically for limited mileage use of enthusiast collector vehicles. It is a requirement that anyone covered under the policy must also have an everyday vehicle for regular use.

Can I add additional drivers to my policy?

Yes, you can add additional drivers to your policy. At Hagerty, we understand that multiple individuals may need to drive your insured vehicle. We allow the option to add drivers over the age of 25 to your policy. This provides flexibility and convenience, ensuring that other responsible individuals can also enjoy the pleasure of driving your classic, specialist or enthusiast vehicle while maintaining appropriate cover. When adding additional drivers, we may require some further information about their driving history and experience to accurately assess the risk and provide the best coverage options. Please contact our customer service specialists who will guide you through the process of adding additional drivers to your policy and answer any specific questions you may have.

Can I temporarily suspend or reduce coverage for my vehicle?

At Hagerty, we do not offer the option to temporarily suspend or reduce coverage for your vehicle. Our insurance policies are designed to provide continuous protection for your classic, specialist or enthusiast vehicle throughout the policy term. This ensures that your vehicle is adequately covered against potential risks and damages at all times. We understand that circumstances may change, but we recommend maintaining the appropriate level of coverage to safeguard your valuable vehicle. If you have any concerns or specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact our customer service specialists who will be happy to assist you.

What happens if my vehicle's value changes after obtaining coverage?

At Hagerty, we understand that it's important to ensure that your coverage aligns with its current value. If the value of your vehicle changes after obtaining coverage we offer the flexibility to reassess the Agreed Value of your vehicle on a case-by-case basis. If you believe that the value of your vehicle has significantly changed, whether due to restoration, modifications, or market fluctuations, please contact our customer service specialists. They will guide you through the process of reassessing the Agreed Value, taking into consideration the updated information and any supporting documentation you may provide. We strive to ensure that your coverage accurately reflects the value of your cherished vehicle.

Policy Management Questions

How do I renew my policy?

Renewing your policy online is the quickest and easiest approach. When its time to renew your policy, you will receive an email notification with a link to your policy record. Simply follow the link and create your account to renew your policy online. If you need to make any changes before renewing, such as selling or purchasing a vehicle, please call our customer service specialists.

Why has my renewal premium increased?

We know it’s frustrating to see your premium increase when your circumstances haven’t changed. The unfortunate rise in motor insurance premiums is mainly due to the rise in the costs of claims, many at rates much higher than inflation. Other risk factors, such as your local area having been subject to more vehicle theft or accidents for example, are also contributing factors. We will always offer you our best renewal premium based on the information we hold for your policy, however if you would like to discuss your renewal further please call our team on 0333 323 0989. Further information on factors influencing insurance pricing can be found on the ABI (Association of British Insurers) website.

Do I need to provide an odometer reading each year?

No, Hagerty no longer requires you to send us the odometer reading each year. We can obtain the mileage information from other sources, eliminating the need for you to provide it each year.

Do I need to provide photographs of my vehicle during the application process?

Yes, depending on the type and value of your particular vehicle. For vehicles under £20,000, we no longer require photos. However, if your vehicle's value exceeds £20,000, we ask that you submit six clear photos, including full side views, front and rear quarters with the registration plate, engine bay with VIN, a picture of the vehicle where its normally stored and an interior photo.

Where can I find the value of my vehicle?

Visit our website's valuation tool at to check the current and past vehicle values for thousands of different vehicles. This can help you understand not only the current worth of your car but also its future potential.

How can I access my account and policy information online?

You can access your policy and documents online by visiting our Hagerty portal.

What should I do if I forget my account password?

You can request a password reminder email by selecting ‘Forgot Password’ on our Hagerty portal.

What should I do if I forget my Username?

You can request a username reminder email by selecting ‘Forgot Username’ on our Hagerty portal.

Claims and Repairs

How do I submit a claim?

You can easily file a claim by speaking with one of our claims specialists, please call the appropriate number based on your insurer: Markel Claims at 0333 323 1129 (option 3), AVIVA Claims at 0333 323 1243 (option 3), or breakdown claims at 0330 159 1473 (option 2). If you have purchased your policy through a broker, they can assist you in submitting the claim.

Do I have to pay the excess if I am not at fault?

Yes, you are responsible for any applicable excess on your policy. However, in the event of a claim that isn’t your fault, we will make efforts to recover your excess and reimburse you.

Can I choose where my vehicle is repaired?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to decide where you want your vehicle to be repaired.

Will making a claim affect my future premium?

Making a claim could potentially impact your future premium or excess. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to file a claim.

Roadside Service

Is the RAC roadside service plan only for my collector or enthusiast cars?

The Hagerty insurance policy provides automatic breakdown cover exclusively for the vehicles listed within the policy schedule. Any other vehicles you own but are not included in the schedule are not covered for breakdowns under this policy.

What is the average response time for roadside service?

The RAC aims to provide service within 60 minutes of dispatching. However, please note that the estimated time of arrival may vary based on factors such as weather, traffic, distance, or peak-demand periods. The dispatch agents will notify you of the expected wait time when you request assistance.

Can your roadside service help if I have a flat tire but don't have a spare?

The RAC can assist you in changing the wheel and tire using your inflated spare. If you don't have a functional spare tire, the necessary tyre repair equipment, or the locking wheel nut, they will be unable to help. Please be aware that RAC does not cover the cost of a new spare tire or the labour involved in obtaining one.

Policy Documentation and Delivery

How and when will I receive my policy documents?

Your policy documents will be emailed to you shortly after you have made payment. Remember to check your spam/junk folders. They are also available to view and download within our Hagerty portal.

Can I access and download my policy documents online?

Absolutely! All your policy documents are available to download within our Hagerty portal.

What should I do if there are errors or discrepancies in my policy documents?

If you find any errors or discrepancies within your documents you can contact us on 0333 323 0989 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Are electronic copies of policy documents accepted as proof of insurance?

Yes! The Road Traffic Act 1988 was adjusted by the Electronic Communications Act 2000 to allow insurers (and their agents) to provide insurance certificates by electronic means.

Payment and Policy Activation

How long does it take for my cover to become effective after purchasing online?

Your cover will become effective immediately after you purchase it. If you have chosen to start your cover on an alternative date it will be stated within your documents.

Is my payment information secure when making an online purchase?

Yes, your payment information is secure when making an online purchase. We use NMI, a trusted payment gateway provider, to process payments. NMI employs encryption technology and 3D Secure authentication to protect your payment details and ensure confidentiality. Rest assured that we prioritise the security of your information during the online purchase process.

Will I receive a confirmation of payment and policy after purchase?

Absolutely! After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation of payment and policy details. You'll have the option to log in to our secure online portal, where you can conveniently access and view your policy documents at any time. Additionally, we will email a copy of your policy directly to you, ensuring that you have easy access to all the necessary information regarding your coverage.

What if I need to make changes to my policy after completing the online purchase?

If you need to make changes to your policy after completing the online purchase, please contact our customer service team directly. They will assist you in making any necessary adjustments or updates to your policy. Keep in mind that for certain changes, such as adding or removing drivers or modifying coverage limits, it may be required to speak with a customer service representative over the phone to ensure accuracy and provide the best possible service.

Cancellation and Refund

Can I cancel my policy if I change my mind after purchasing online?

If you wish to cancel your policy you will need to call our team on 0333 323 0989.

What is the cancellation process for an online-purchased policy?

To cancel your policy you will need to call our team on 0333 323 0989.

Is there a cancellation fee or penalty for ending the policy early?

If you cancel your policy after the first 14 days a £25 cancellation fee will be applicable.

How soon can I expect a refund after cancelling my policy?

We process your refund straightaway. However it can take 5-7 working days to reach your account, this will be dependent on your bank.

Are there any situations where a policy is non-refundable after purchase?

If a claim has been made on your policy you may be due a refund for part of your premium only. However after the first 14 days we cannot offer a refund of any premium for the Roadside and Breakdown insurance or Legal Expenses Insurance elements.

Policy Auto Renewal

Why are you going to automatically renew my policy?

To ensure that our customers receive the benefit of continuous cover for their vehicles, we now automatically renew policies. Full details will still be sent before the renewal, but you will no longer have to call us to pay the premium, so there won’t be the risk that your policy lapses.

When will my card be charged?

We will charge your card on your renewal date.

What happens if my card is declined? Will my policy lapse?

If your card is declined, we will notify you by email. You can then choose to make your renewal payment within your Hagerty portal or you can call us to make payment.

How is Hagerty storing and protecting my card information?

We use NMI, a trusted payment gateway provider, to process payments. NMI employs encryption technology and 3D Secure authentication to protect your payment details and ensure confidentiality.

Can I opt out? How do I opt out?

Yes, you can opt out of auto-renewal up. Opt-out is available through your Hagerty portal, please follow the below steps: 1. Log in to your portal at 2. Click on ‘Account’ within the top right menu 3. Select 4. Tick ‘opt out of auto renew’ Alternatively you can email or call us on 0333 323 1138.

What can I do if I forgot to opt out prior to my renewal being processed?

Please contact our team at for assistance.

Hagerty Drivers Club

What are the benefits of joining the HDC

There are a raft of benefits included in joining HDC: • Exclusive quarterly members magazine • Discounts/offers from a range of motoring and lifestyle brands • Exclusive quarterly webinars • Access to HDC rewards program • 2 x exclusive members events per year • Welcome pack • Regular exclusive members e-newsletter • Discounts to Hagerty owned & operated events • Access to free tickets to Hagerty Hangouts* • Access to HDC Members Area at Hagerty owned & operated events • Ask Hagerty – Opportunity to ask industry specialists questions to be answered within newsletter, magazine and webinars • 50% discount in the Hagerty shop** *Limited to 15 HDC member vehicles per hangout ** Until 31/12/2024

How can I join HDC?

The easiest way to join HDC is online, however membership is currently only open on a pre-sale basis to Hagerty clients. If you are already a Hagerty client please contact us to add HDC to your insurance policy. If you are looking to purchase insurance and would like to include HDC as part of your policy, you can do so here Membership will go on general sale in Autumn ’24. To be the first to hear about this, please sign up here.

How much is membership?

Membership is £60 a year, charged annually. If adding HDC onto your insurance policy mid-term this payment will be on a pro-rata basis.

Renewing your membership

We will automatically renew your membership each year. If you do not wish for your HDC membership please make us aware of this, 1 day before renewal, at

Cancelling your membership

We're sorry to hear you're thinking about leaving. Before you make a decision, why not take the time to remind yourself of the great benefits that your membership gives you. If you still wish to cancel, please email Cancellations within the first 14 days will receive a full refund. Cancellations outside of the initial 14 day window will not receive a refund, however your membership will not renew after the initial 12 months. You will continue to receive full membership benefits for this period.

Members Portal

You can access your HDC members portal via logging into your insurance portal and clicking the ‘Members’ button.

Member discount/offers

You can access member discounts through our HDC Members portal. This can be accessed via logging into your insurance portal and clicking the ‘Members’ button.

Digital Membership Card

If you are experiencing issues downloading your digital membership card to your Google or Apple wallet on your mobile device, please email for support.

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