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Insurance for motorsports enthusiasts

Multiple motorsports insurance options that fit how and when you hit the track so you can focus on what lies ahead.
Track day insurance
On track insurance
Off track insurance
Liability insurance
Track day insurance
Track day insurance provides cover for both road registered vehicles as well as competition vehicles. Cover is available for free driving as well as for tutored or coached events.

What can I arrange cover for?

  • Rolling chassis / shell
  • Accident damage to engine and gearbox
  • Engine damage
  • Fire

Specialty cover

Track day insurance powered by Hagerty* provides single-event cover that’s designed to protect your car from physical damage, both on the track and in the paddock, when you participate in organised track day events

Time trial cover available

Coverage for time trials is available, simply select either yes or no when completing your quote or purchasing a policy

Supplemental covers included

  • Towing and storage
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal
  • Agreed value coverage
  • With an agreed value policy, you determine your car’s value. In the event of a covered total loss, you will receive the full agreed value that the car is insured for on your policy.**

Customise your cover

Add and cover vehicle modifications such as custom paint jobs or body kits.

Multiple options

High quality track day insurance with cover designed to suit your exact needs.

Knowledgeable claims handling

Claims handled by knowledgeable, responsive experts who know cars and understand HPDE insurance.

Other valuable benefits

Towing and storage if your car is disabled, rental car reimbursement, and the cleanup and removal of pollutants caused by your vehicle.

On track insurance
On-track insurance will offer you the level of cover needed when you hit the track, so you can focus on what lies ahead and help you to mitigate the financial consequences should anything happen.

What can I arrange cover for?

  • Rolling chassis / shell
  • Accident damage to engine and gearbox
  • Engine damage
  • Fire
  • Excess insurance

Off track insurance

Protect your car while on your way to an event or track day. If you are already insure with us, we will insure your car as standard:

  • In the trailer while in transit
  • In the paddock
  • While in storage or at the shop
  • From theft, fire, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and more
  • Everywhere but on the track or while racing

Liability insurance

This policy indemnify teams and / or drivers in respect of their legal liability for death or injury to third parties, or damage to third party property following an accident arising out of the event activities declared to insurers and covered within the policy

Included in your Hagerty Motorsports policy
We include these features as standard in every motorsports policy:
  • Recovery Cover – We will pay up to GBP 1,500 (or equivalent) for recovery costs if the insured vehicle has had accident damage during the insured event and is no longer safe to drive. (All invoices for such a recovery must be state the starting point and end point of the recovery and the attaching times. Recovery is restricted to one recovery /journey only.)
  • Emergency Cover – For road registered vehicles only: We will pay up to GBP 1,500 (or equivalent) for emergency repairs at a local repair shop if the insured vehicle has had accident damage during the insured event and requires emergency repairs to be able to return to the Insured’s address in a safe manner. All invoices to be retained for presentation to insurers.
  • Track Damage Cover – We will pay up to GBP 2,500 (or equivalent) for damage caused by the Insured to barriers and catch fences during the insured event. An excess of GBP 500 (or equivalent) for each and every loss will apply. Damage to the track surface or building structures is excluded.
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