About us

Hagerty was built by people who love cars

We make owning, driving and loving cars better.

Everything we do is geared toward enabling and enhancing the experience of classic car owners and the vehicles they love.

We live classics

We are a small team of enthusiasts, experts and classic car owners.

Coverage built for classics

We offer the most comprehensive classic car insurance in the UK.

Hobby support

We partner with companies and organisations that share our passion for classics.

Valuation Tools

Designed to help you make informed decisions when insuring, buying or selling.

Articles and videos

Compelling stories about cool vehicles and the people who love them.

Hagerty CARes

Businesses can be a force for good—that’s why we actively take time to serve our communities.

We only protect classics that are not driven daily, that way we can provide better coverage at lower prices than standard insurers.

Let Hagerty protect your beloved classic

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