Driving The Dragon: Porsche GT4 RS + 318 Turns in 11 Miles | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

by Hagerty
24 May 2023

If Europe has the Stelvio Pass, and Japan the Hakone Turnpike, then North America’s most famous driving road is the Tail of the Dragon.

Also known as Deals Gap, this road in North Carolina lasts only 11 miles, but manages to pack in 318 turns, and attracts driving enthusiasts from all over the country.

And a few from outside the country as it turns out, such as Henry Catchpole, whose latest video takes in this ribbon of tarmac in a car more than its match, the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS. You’ll want to don a pair of headphones or turn up the volume for this one, because producing noise is one of the things the RS does best.

As Henry points out though, the Dragon is far from the only road in the area and far from the only one you should visit – the entire Blue Ridge Mountains area really is one of the best in the world if you prefer corners to straights.

So as well as turning up the volume, maybe put a few pins in Google Maps and book a flight out to North Carolina and the surrounding states, and make sure you tick the right box when you get to the rental desk at the airport…

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