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Henry Catchpole: Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270

by Hagerty
20 July 2023

After reviewing the Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270, Henry Catchpole thinks this might just be the one car to rule them all.

Why? Well, it has both verve and versatility. It is a restomod, so you have all the glorious interactivity and tactility typical in such a creation – think Singer, Eagle, Kimera, and a whole host of others, including Alfaholics’ own GTA-Rs. But then add more than a dash of practicality. With back seats and a decent boot, this is suddenly a car that will happily tackle a whole host of tasks not normally associated with restomods.

Despite being gorgeous to look at, there is also something wonderfully (and intentionally) unassuming about the Super R. The original 1.3 badge remains on the back, despite the Twin-Spark engine under the bonnet being a whole litre larger. A glance through the glass will reveal an original steering wheel and seats that look perfectly period, even though they have been upgraded. It looks quite prim and proper, but the 270 in its name refers to 270bhp/ton, so the performance on offer is anything but understated.

This is a car that thrives on any road, but also stacks up on track. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. The Banks brothers, who (along with their father Richard) are the brains behind Alfaholics, have been hugely successful in historic racing, and their experience on the circuits of the world has directly informed the upgrades they offer. So, when you’re oversteering through a long left hander and thinking how wonderfully balanced the car feels, it’s no coincidence.

There is another appealing side to this particular restomod, too. Because while you’ll have to join a very long queue and pay a pretty penny for a complete, turn-key Alfaholics car like this one, you do have the option of the DIY route. You see, Alfaholics sells parts. All the parts. If you already have a Giulia saloon, you can pick and choose upgrades to suit your own particular budget and predilections. It makes this car more than just a pipe dream for many.


  • Lawrence says:

    Tempted to agree with the conclusion!

  • Mario says:

    And another crazy Alfaholics price to go with it, no doubt!

  • Wessel von Loringhoven says:

    Please send a list of what you feel essential in these assets and Alfaholics prices- have a 2 litre with 1750 Berlina diff.

  • Wessel von Loringhoven says:

    Just the right product – style in the proper context-
    Hope they have a Reutter sunroof!09

  • Peter says:

    A superb car but reputed to cost £300,000 to recreate. Unbelievable !

    Classic Alfa can supply uprated suspension, braking and engine mods to convert the 2.0L engine to a less powerful but very acceptable level. I know, I have done it for a very small fraction of that price. The trick seems to be the Berliner axle with LSD.

  • Paul Carter says:

    I have owned Alfa’s for the past 45 years and feel exactly the same about my Giulia Quadrifoglio 🍀💯🏁🇮🇹. A fraction of the cost yet just as beguiling. Every journey is an addictivel intoxicating adventure – whether doing the grocery shop or cruising across Europe.

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