Inflation busters: Henry Catchpole presents the 2023 Hagerty UK Bull Market List

by Hagerty
12 December 2022

There are, arguably, few better feelings than getting behind the wheel of a car that is your pride and joy. Except, that is, getting behind the wheel and knowing that the car you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears – and no small sum of money – into hasn’t fallen in value like the majority of new, everyday cars.

That’s the thing with special cars. If you play your cards right, they can hold their value or, better still, rise in value, which can mean you’re offsetting the running costs as well as getting a whole heap of pleasure out of caring for and sharing that special car.

And it’s why each year Hagerty presents its Bull Market List – a selection of 10 cars likely to hold or appreciate in value, chosen by the experts behind the Hagerty Price Guide.

Starring in the 2023 Hagerty UK Bull Market List is everything from the century-old Austin Seven to the fire-breathing Lamborghini Diablo. There are everyday, coveted yet affordable classics, like the Ford Fiesta and Citroën BX, and there’s modern metal that’s turning a corner in the market, including the Audi TT Quattro Sport, Mercedes SL500 and Lotus Elise S2. Bona fide classics are there too, with the Saab 99 Turbo and Triumph Spitfire, and when it comes to making a grand entrance for surprisingly little money, there’s little to compare with the Bentley Turbo R.

As part of the 2023 Hagerty UK Bull Market List, we handed the 10 star cars to Henry Catchpole, threw him the gate key to Anglesey Circuit and left him to play. Watch as he introduces the field and explains what makes each one special – and likely to appreciate in value.

Enjoyed that? Now read the complete 2023 Hagerty Bull Market List right here!

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