Scrapyard Subaru WRX Engine Restoration | Redline Rebuild Time-Lapse

by Hagerty
17 November 2022

The Subaru Impreza WRX engine is done! And to celebrate, just as Hagerty does with all its Redline Rebuild engine series, we finish off with a time-lapse showing everything from the engine coming out of its now-departed donor, to sitting pretty on the engine stand at the end of the build.

As host Davin Reckow puts it later in the video, he’s still not sure whether he’s warmed to the EJ20 flat-four completely – though the best bit about these engines is enjoying their sound and performance on the road, rather than stitching them together.

But for enthusiasts of a certain age, it’s one of the iconic engines, and the rebuild has undoubtedly done it justice – now it just needs a car to power, which could be a fun project on its own.

Stay to the end of the time-lapse though and you’ll also get to hear the flat-four fire up for the first time since being extracted from the Impreza, and while not everyone’s a fan of modern electronics, it’s satisfying how easy they make the process of firing up a freshly-rebuilt engine, provided all the mechanical parts are where they should be.

On the rudimentary test bench, it already sounds as it should, and idles perfectly. Now we just need to see it in a car…

You can catch previous Redline Rebuild episodes here, or head over to the Hagerty YouTube channel for everything from car reviews to Barn Find Hunter episodes.

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