Dreaming of the Aston Martin Brough Superior £100,000 superbike

by Nik Berg
24 June 2020

The Brough Superior name means high performance to those in the know. However, the most famous Brough Superior bikes are nearing a century old. In a bid to change that, the brand partnered with Aston Martin for the AMB 001. And the result is this, the AMB 001, a superbike boasting suitably super performance and, ahem, a super price.

The near £100,000 mean machine is the result of a partnership between Aston Martin’s design team and Brough Superior’s engineers. The easily visible parts of the bike are swoopy and covered in colours and materials from the Aston Martin catalogue. The carbon-fibre fairings are coated in Stirling Green, a colour often found on other bespoke Aston Martin creations.

Judging by the video, above, of the machine currently undergoing final testing and development, the six-figure superbike is likely to look just as good taking Paddock Hill Bend with a powerslide at the exit as it is stood taking pride of place in a bike collector’s office. It’s just a shame we can’t hear its V-twin doing its thing…

Just 100 AMB 001 superbikes will be delivered to lucky owners. As befits a partnership between two legends the AMB 001 is a wildly-powerful, state-of-the-art machine.

Powered by a 180 hp 997cc V-twin with a variable geometry turbo that is designed to eliminate lag, the AMB 001 uses exotic materials such as titanium and carbon fibre for its chassis and Inconel for its exhaust. The aerodynamic body is carbon and details include a leather seat handcrafted using the same, time-honoured techniques employed with Aston Martin interiors.

Video of the Aston Martin Brough Superior superbike AMB 001

Aston Martin has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, most recently after its Andy Palmer, its chief executive, stepped down from his role prematurely, and onloookers suggested the company had been distracted by working on submarines and penthouses.

The 100 fortunate buyers will definitely be getting something special to add to their garages but will any be brave enough to actually ride it? Time, and the internet, will tell.

Via Hagerty US

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