Tom Cotter meets an MG collector on a mission

by Hagerty
11 January 2023

It’s not often we find ourselves following the adventures of Tom Cotter, also known as Mr Barn Find Hunter, and find that not only has he met with an owner of a fleet of pre-war and post-war classic MGs, but that owner wants to pass on one of his very special cars to a young enthusiast for a very special price.

Yet that’s exactly what happens when Cotter met Lee Jacobson. The two first got chatting at one of America’s longest-running shows celebrating old cars, the aptly named Old Car Festival, in Dearborn, Michigan. Jacobson told Cotter about a Jaguar E-Type he’d owned from new, before the pair switched to the subject of MGs – a shared passion.

Next thing you know, the Cotter and the Barn Find Hunter crew are visiting Jacobson and his storied car collection.

The Jaguar E-Type is a tale of being in the right place at the right time. The MGs are numerous, and in all conditions. Some, including a TF 1500, are used for grasstrack racing with friends; others, such as the highly original, barn-find condition, 1938 MG SA saloon, have an unusual story behind them.

Now Jacobson says he wants the SA to go to a young car enthusiast, and is prepared to let it go for half the price he’s already been offered for it.

Sounds like someone is intent on keeping the car, and in some small saw the hobby, alive. Which is just fine by us.

Watch more videos here!

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