Tiny Engine, Huge Fun: New Caterham Super Seven 600 | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

by Hagerty
2 February 2023

Can less be more? That’s the question the Caterham Super Seven 600 encourages you to ponder, weighing in at less than half a tonne and making do with significantly less than 100 horses.

And watching Henry Catchpole thread his way through the countryside in the smallest Seven, there may well be merit to the theory. Few cars are as enjoyable to drive as a Caterham Seven, and stripping the car down to its bare essence might just be the best way to enjoy it.

The Super Seven 600 on screen is one of Caterham’s recent throwback models, coming in at a tenner shy of £30k, providing you build it yourself. Opt for the regular Seven 170, and you can knock a grand off that.

Under the bonnet is a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder Suzuki engine, and that tiny engine and the car’s small dimensions (it has the narrowest track of any Seven) qualify it for Japan’s kei-car regulations – and it’s Japan that buys the bulk of these entry-level Sevens as a result.

And if you don’t mind the pigeon-like soundtrack (the video will explain more…), it’s probably the Seven that’s most authentic to the experiences offered by the 1970s originals, and the 1950s Lotus models before that. 155-section tyres, a live axle and an open diff sound somewhat rudimentary, but this is a car that’s all about feedback and fun, rather than outright speed (there are plenty of other Sevens that deliver the latter).

If you need any more convincing, simply watch Henry’s video above – and once you’re done, make sure to check out other videos in his series, The Driver’s Seat, here, and head to the Hagerty YouTube channel for plenty more automotive content.

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