The electric car that drives like a Porsche 911? | Henry Catchpole reviews the Porsche Taycan GTS

by Hagerty
15 February 2023

In this episode of The Driver’s Seat, Henry Catchpole drives not one but two Porsches with a GTS badge on the back… and one will surprise you. Everybody knows that Porsche’s GTS models are the sweet spots in their respective ranges. Short of full-blown GT cars, they are the most driver-focused versions. But one GTS model seems to be overlooked as a proper driver’s car. Yet the brilliant Taycan GTS should be celebrated.

Most performance EVs like those from Tesla and Lucid and even Porsche’s own Taycan Turbo S are generally only seen as really entertaining in straight-line drag races. But while the Taycan GTS is still astonishingly rapid in a 0-60mph dash, that’s not why it’s fun to drive. This Taycan is fun because it has fabulous steering, a great chassis balance, and a brilliantly calibrated throttle pedal. It is genuinely engaging.

But to test whether the Taycan GTS is just good ‘for an electric car’ or good period, we decided to pitch it against the quintessential Porsche – a 911. A current 992 GTS in matching Carmine Red. And, after investigating the various attributes already mentioned, we even indulged in a bit of an experiment. By the power of video editing (and thanks to Glenn Winhall’s skills) we gave the Taycan a soundtrack to be proud of. Does it work? Should it be left alone? Let us know in the comments down below, because we’re genuinely interested to hear what you think.

In collaboration with Mobil 1.

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