Reimagining the Lamborghini Countach | Chip Foose Draws a Car

by Hagerty
9 September 2020

The word iconic gets thrown around a fair bit in the classic car world, but few vehicles are worthy of that characterisation like the Lamborghini Countach. Its wedge shape, scissor doors, and unique supercar stance is truly an enduring symbol of 1980s excess.

The Countach’s frequent placement in popular culture cemented it as one of the most memorable vehicles for a generation, and not just for car enthusiasts. The supercar both evolved and devolved as time went by, as the purity of original the LP400 design made way for busier and distracting redesigns. That’s why Chip Foose has a plan to take the Countach to the next level.

Needless to say, any attempt to meddle with the Countach could prove unpopular with the many millions of car enthusiasts who worship at the altar of its Marcello Gandini designed body. But as Chip Foose says, “If you like Lamborghinis, don’t mess with it. This is just what I would do with it.”

Chip starts with a rough sketch of the Countach’s side view, with gentle softening of the otherwise unyielding angles in the upper glass area and the nose of the car. He also removed the rectangular side marker lights, added rounded door cutlines, larger wheels, redesigned body side scoops, integrated the intake behind the quarter windows, and made a smaller version of the later LP5000 Countach rear wing. The final rendering is finished in a very 1980s white with a bright red background.

The end result is a bit rounder, very much an evolution including the elegance seen in the Countach’s predecessor, the Lamborghini Miura. So what do you think of Chip’s creation?

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