Company builds a watch… out of a DeLorean DMC-12

by Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
2 December 2022 2 min read
Company builds a watch… out of a DeLorean DMC-12
Photos: REC Watches

Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling us you built a timepiece… out of a DeLorean? With apologies to Back to the Future fans for destroying one of the most famous lines of the film franchise, this is your opportunity to wear a genuine slice of automotive history on your wrist.

Denmark’s REC Watches creates limited edition timepieces using salvaged and recycled parts from iconic vehicles deemed beyond economic repair. Fancy a watch made from Carroll Shelby’s ‘Green Hornet’ prototype? How about one from a 1981 Land Rover Series III? REC has you covered.

Thanks to the enduring popularity of the 1985 movie – not to mention the troubled backstory of the DMC-12 – the SPX DeLorean watch is likely to find many fans, even at £1745. Pre-orders opened yesterday (December 1), and at the time of writing (December 2), 132 of the 456 pieces had been sold.

REC DeLorean watch back

To create the watches, REC Watches teamed up with Classic DMC, an American company which specialises in parts and accessories for the DMC-12. More specifically, REC sourced one of the DMC-12s owned by John DeLorean, with each watch featuring a dial surround made from the stainless steel from the divide between the gullwing doors.

Other elements include a caseback which pays homage to the grid-like pattern of the rear lights, lines on the surround which look like the DMC-12’s distinctive wheels, a strap reminiscent of the rear window louvres, plus a rubber stripe on the sides of the watch inspired by the body mouldings of the DMC-12.

Rather than producing the watch in Dunmurry, home of the DMC-12, REC Watches enlisted the help of the Swiss, who know a thing or two about timepieces.

DeLorean watch strap

Unfortunately, without access to a time machine, you won’t take delivery of an SPX DeLorean watch in time for Christmas. Customer deliveries are expected from March 2023, although a 15 per cent early bird discount is available on the website.

Classic DMC is part of the modern DeLorean Motor Company, which has announced plans to build a high-performance luxury electric car called the Alpha5. It has a range of 300+ miles, can sprint to 60mph in 2.99 seconds and will hit a top speed of 155mph. It should be 88mph, but we can’t have everything.

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