Triumph TR6 video: “Just seeing and hearing it wins a lot of admirers” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List

by Hagerty
27 December 2021 1 min read
Triumph TR6 video: “Just seeing and hearing it wins a lot of admirers” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List

Flying jackets at the ready! It’s time to zip up, buckle up, fire the straight-six engine to life and gun the throttle – roof down, naturally.

The Triumph TR6, famously described as the “blokiest bloke’s car ever built” by a certain James May, is the archetypal British roadster. It makes a proper noise, like like playing a Beatles or Stones track on a pub’s old jukebox, and has a square-jawed look that kind of tells you all you need to know about the driving experience.

This product of the 1960s (1969, to be precise) is relatively simple, very much hands-on and all the more involving for it. Nothing is assisted, so unlike the Porsche Boxster, you have to be prepared to use your muscle a little and manhandle the car along your favourite bit of road. And praise be for that. We celebrate driving in all its forms, but even more so when you’ve got a front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car to play with.

We get the impression that Henry Catchpole is quite take with it too, even if some of its manners leave him a little taken aback. The Carfection presenter concludes that it is a fitting member of the 2022 Hagerty Bull Market List, as you’ll see when you watch him put the TR6 through its paces around Anglesey Circuit.

You’ll also hear thoughts from our very own John Mayhead, Editor of the Hagerty Price Guide, who makes the financial case for Triumph’s roadster.

It seems to stack up on so many levels. Watch the film and let us know if you think the TR6 is worthy of its spot.

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  • Christopher Clarke says:

    The TR 6 is not as blokey as my MGBGTV8

  • Jan Kijowski says:

    The Triumph brand should be re- launched and will be a success.
    The TR6 is a man looking square jaw car as opposed to the MG which is a rounded soft looking car.
    Sadly MG is a Chinese brand now – so forget that.

  • Gene P Alonso says:

    I had a TR6 some year back I abandoned it on the road due to the fact that the motor was tearing off the body. Happened four time so I had enough got off and left it sitting. At $400.00 to repair done 4 times I considered it a design flaw. However I must say I LOVED my TR6

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