Porsche Boxster video: “Still an absolute delight” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List

by Hagerty
24 December 2021 1 min read
Porsche Boxster video: “Still an absolute delight” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List
Photo: Dean Smith

There are few more affordable ways to put a Stuttgart crest on the driveway than the first-generation ‘986’ Porsche Boxster right now, which makes it the perfect time to include in the 2022 Hagerty Bull Market List.

The Boxster is one of several cars to have helped turn Porsche’s fortunes around over the years, but has never quite attracted the ire or derision as cars like the 914, 924 and Cayenne did in their day, from certain quarters. Perhaps that’s because it so closely resembled the 996-generation 911 that followed a year later – or maybe because it proved so spectacularly good when drivers got behind the wheel.

Given another quarter century, the Boxster’s light hasn’t dimmed. As Henry Catchpole finds out in the latest Carfection video from the Bull Market test, it’s no ball of fire, but still has all the Porsche qualities that drivers rave about today: the balance, the steering feel, and that flat-six howl.

Of course, there’s also some valuation advice from Hagerty’s John Mayhead, and a brief dive into the history of the Boxster too – but the joy of the Boxster is what it offers today, and for remarkably little money right now.

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