Interview: Richard Hammond has crashed more cars (and motorbikes) than you can possibly imagine

by Charlotte Vowden
24 January 2023 1 min read
Interview: Richard Hammond has crashed more cars (and motorbikes) than you can possibly imagine
Photo: Nathan Morgan

We all know that Richard Hammond has crashed a car or two, notably surviving a near-death smash after a jet-powered dragster shed a tyre at more than 300mph, in 2006, and dragging himself from a mangled, burning Rimac Concept One in 2017, but it is doubtful anyone could have imagined just how ‘unlucky’ the accident-prone the television presenter has been behind the wheel – and behind the handlebars too.

As Hammond reveals during Hagerty’s livestream with the world’s second-most famous motor mouth, he’s quite good at crashing things.

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Happily, he hasn’t made a habit of that since launching his new venture, The Smallest Cog. The classic car restoration workshop is so much more than a passion project for Hammond; his grandfather, Leslie Dunsby, was a coachbuilder and Hammond says he has long held a desire to learn the skills of a craftsman while giving something back to the car hobby after years at the top of televised four-wheeled entertainment.

He discusses all this and more – and yes, there’s a lot of crashing involved – with Charlotte Vowden. Enjoy the interview.

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      Hello John, I think it’s just a quirk of how a Facebook video embeds in the site – if you click on the title in the video frame it takes you to the Facebook page, where you can see a time bar and scroll through as normal.

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