Perfect for the concrete jungle? Citroën Ami Buggy is ready for the summer

by Antony Ingram
16 June 2022 2 min read
Perfect for the concrete jungle? Citroën Ami Buggy is ready for the summer
Photos: Citroën

How tough is the Citroën Ami city car? On the one hand, the little electric quadricycle doesn’t exude aggression, and it’s not going to win any races. But on the other, it looks like a wheeled version of one of those heavy-duty cases to stop you breaking your umpteenth iPhone. Accidentally kick it down some stairs and it should be just fine.

The former quality has now been fixed too, as Citroën announces it will produce a limited run of the Ami Buggy concept shown towards the end of last year.

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Part Ami, part Jeep and part military surplus hip flask, the Ami Buggy is an Ami shorn of its doors and some of its roof, replaced by metal tubes… what are we calling them, gates?… and a roll-back canvas roof respectively.

The Ami’s wheel trims have also gone in la poubelle, showing off much more appropriate-looking steel wheels, painted gold and wearing centre caps, and the car’s usual youthful and urbane colour scheme has made way for a khaki shade. Bumper reinforcements come from Pop and Vibe trim cars, and exterior details are rendered in black.

Citroen Ami Buggy

The inside, which is now part of the outside really, is largely per the regular model, with the same interchangeable elements on the dash and simple plastic seats, though you do get a technical fabric in the centre and some yellow highlighting.

If the standard car is sparse, perhaps the wind whistling past the proto-doors and over the roll-back roof will make the Buggy feel more personable. At the very least, you won’t worry too much about rain, since even the standard Ami is towards the hose-it-out end of the car detailing spectrum.

Now for the bad news: Citroën will only make 50, which will go on sale on June 21 from a dedicated website. A numbered plate will denote which one you get, and a panel on the front of the car can be customised with your own message for an even more personal touch. Citroën says these are all destined for French drivers, which brings us out in tears like slipping on an onion garland.

Still, we’re definitely on board with this kind of silliness, and encourage all manufacturers to partake now and then. Call it penance for mainstream EVs mostly being quite dull.

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