This “retro-mod” Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is a throwback to the 1960s

by Nik Berg
13 July 2022 1 min read
This “retro-mod” Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is a throwback to the 1960s
Photos: RuatasioPX (Riccardo Ruatasio) via ErreErre Fuoriserie

We’re all familiar with the idea of a restomod, taking an old car and bringing it up to speed with modern performance and creature comforts, but now an Italian design firm has reverse-engineered the concept.

ErreErre Fuoriserie has attempted to turn a current Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio into a classic Type 105 Giulia saloon. In doing so the Italian design house has squared off the car’s wings and grafted on a new nose, complete with the OG Giulia’s trademark quad circular headlamps and a smaller grille.

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The rear gets small rectangular lights, and sculpted twin roof and bootlid spoilers that ape the innovative wind-tunnel-honed shape of the 1960s Kamm-tailed saloon. ErreErre Fuoriserie charges £275,000 for the transformation, and you’ll need to provide your own donor car which costs another £75,000.

The 105 Giulia is a popular model for restomodding as it will easily take Alfa’s later two-litre Twin Spark engine for major power gains, and the suspension is also a simple swap for a lower, stiffer setup for vastly improved handling – just check out Somerset-based Alfaholics for inspiration.

What ErreErre Fuoriserie has done though is more like the creations of Japan’s Mitsuoka brand, taking conventional production cars and outfitting them with retro-style clothing – only occasionally successful (the recent RAV4-based Mitsuoka Buddy has curious appeal), and frequently dubious (think the Micra-based, Jag Mk II-aping Viewt).

This Alfa certainly strays closer to the latter, and the most galling thing is that you could build a mighty 105 for a fraction of the cost. As the former owner of a 1969 Giulia Super, I often wish I had…

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