Redesigning the 2022 Lamborghini Countach | Rendered with Kyza

by Hagerty
25 February 2022 2 min read
Redesigning the 2022 Lamborghini Countach | Rendered with Kyza

Just so we’re all on the same page, Lamborghini’s reimagined Countach was more than a little disappointing, right?

With neither the grace of the original Marcello Gandini shape nor the wild but thematically honest appendages sprouted by later cars, it was at best a slightly less interesting version of the Aventador on which it was based – a car that undoubtedly has the same love-or-hate-it duality as the original.

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Perhaps Lamborghini should have asked Kyza first. The name behind Hagerty’s latest video series, Rendered with Kyza, Khyzyl Saleem has spent years designing show-stopping cars in both the virtual and real-world realms, creating everything from videogame cover stars to vehicles for the likes of Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

You can read our full interview with Saleem here, but there’s no doubt he’s gone big for his first video with Hagerty, taking the recent Countach in a whole new direction.

Not to take anything away from the end result, which has the spectacular presence that Lamborghini’s own attempt (denounced by Gandini himself) lacks, but if anything the process to create it is even more interesting.

Kyza first builds a digital mood board for inspiration, before finding a 3D model of the original on a dedicated website – a space-saving step more than anything, as rendering the entire car from scratch would take an enormous amount of time.

He’s then free to tweak and tune every aspect of the car’s exterior, adding in new elements to complement the shape, and periodically generating the car in a 3D-lit and rendered environment to make sure light falls naturally on its polygonal surfaces. It’s then ready for its beauty shots, under virtual lighting to give it the right Vice City vibes.

The end result is sure to divide opinion, but the skill and creativity is something else entirely. And if you like it, make sure to check back here, or visit Hagerty’s YouTube channel, for future episodes of Rendered with Kyza.

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