Creating the Lamborghini Miura was a lesson in delegation

by Hagerty
1 February 2022 2 min read
Creating the Lamborghini Miura was a lesson in delegation

The Miura is the ultimate Delegation Special — it exists only because Ferruccio Lamborghini was bold enough to entrust his team of young, talented engineers and designers to do what they do best. If he had micro-managed every process every step of the way, the chances are the Miura would have been a compromise that failed to bring the world’s wealthiest drivers knocking at the gates to the factory in Sant’Agata.

A complicated mid-engined supercar is the opposite of the Rolls-Royce-like GTs that Ferruccio wanted to build, yet it’s the Miura that singlehandedly elevated Lamborghini to be considered an appealing alternative to Ferrari.

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The four men chiefly behind the car were all in their twenties when the Miura debuted. There was Giampaolo Dallara, the 29 year-old senior engineer; Paolo Stanzani, again just 29 and assistant engineer; then there was Bob Wallace, a mere 27 and in charge of engineering development; and finally, Marcello Gandini, the gifted 27-year old designer who penned those seductive lines.

The Miura used the 4-litre Bizzarrini V12 designed for the 350GT and 400GT, rotated by 90 degrees and mounted transversely in a casting that included the transmission and differential. Power claims were all over the map, but test cars banged off a 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, could charge past the quarter-mile in 13.9 sec at 107.5 mph, and went on to achieve a top speed of 168 mph, making it the fastest car in the world, at the time.

Performance numbers are only a small part of the Miura story. In the latest episode of Jason Cammisa Revelations, Cammisa takes a deep dive into the story behind the car — and highlights why delegation is so important.

To quote Marcello Gandini: “To make exceptional things, you must have complete freedom.”

The proof is in the Miura.

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