Dry ice blasting a McLaren F1 supercar | Beyond the Details

by James Mills
31 March 2022 2 min read
Dry ice blasting a McLaren F1 supercar | Beyond the Details

You may think you spend a fair amount of time pampering your plaything and waxing wheels. But we’ve got news for you, nothing will come close to the amount of preparation, time and attention to detail that Tim McNair, detailer extraordinaire, lavishes on the cars he pampers.

McNair, of Grand Prix Concours, is one of the leading detailers in America. He is chosen to prepare cars for world-class concours competitions and entrusted to crawl all over – and under – some of the most valuable cars in the world.

Indeed, his clients have been so impressed that one has even asked that he spend a month cleaning and detailing a collection of 7000 diecast models – but that’s another story you can discover here.

With so many of you, and us, interested in the products, techniques and tips of the trade that a professional like McNair brings to car detailing, Hagerty felt it was time to go behind the scenes of his world and show a master at work… Welcome to Beyond The Details.

Hosted by McNair, the series will follow him as he travels America performing concours-level preparation with some of the rarest, most expensive, and exclusive vehicles made. And where better to begin for the first episode of Beyond The Details than what many regard as the greatest car of all time, the McLaren F1.

We get to see Tim apply dry ice blasting to the carbon-fibre wheel wells of this F1, as well as getting up-close-and-personal with the brakes, taking the car from “clean,” to fastidiously clean. If you’ve ever wondered what other uses ear buds and tooth picks could have, watch on.

And for all our other video series, head over to YouTube and follow the Hagerty channel to keep up to speed with our celebration of car culture in all its shapes and sizes.

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  • Andy Gill says:

    I’d have enjoyed the Detailing video a whole lot more without the dumb music ! Why do film makers insist that it’s necessary – it isn’t : its detracting and made me cut the video short. Shame…. even though I am interested, I’ll not bother.

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