Renault 4L video: “This might just be my favourite” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List

by Hagerty
2 January 2022 1 min read
Renault 4L video: “This might just be my favourite” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List
Photo: Dean Smith

Ultimately the reason we do the Hagerty Bull Market is to enlighten you to cars you’ll enjoy both owning and driving. And if pure smiles per mile are any indication, the Renault 4L stole the show on this year’s Hagerty Bull Market List.

Every single person who gave the boxy French hatchback a go returned with a grin, babbling effusively about the tactile gearchange, squashy seats and roly-poly handling. On the face of it the 4L lacks the luxury of the Carmargue and the thrills of the Boxster or 458, but for pure and simple driving entertainment, it was up with any of them.

As it turns out, Carfection’s Henry Catchpole was rather a fan too, which really says something for a man who spends his time in much more exotic machinery. The 4L is just a charmer, and shows that you don’t need a telephone-number budget to see what this classic thing is all about.

Catchpole takes us through the history of the ‘Quatrelle’ and its variants, before passing over to Hagerty’s John Mayhead, editor of the Hagerty Price Guide, for a little more depth on the 4L’s collectability. Then it’s back to the driving – and if you don’t fancy a 4L of your own by the end of the video, then there’s really nothing more we can do…

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