Now pay attention, 007 – you’ll need 360,000 bricks to build this life-size Lego DB5

by Nik Berg
16 August 2022 2 min read
Now pay attention, 007 – you’ll need 360,000 bricks to build this life-size Lego DB5
Photo: Lego

Most Lego fans will be familiar with its Bond-themed car building kit, but visitors to London’s flagship Lego store can get behind the wheel of a one-to-one replica of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. The massive model took 1366 hours, or almost 57 days, to construct, and used 357,954 bricks.

Weighing in at almost 1050kg, the life-size DB5 is twice as heavy as a real Caterham 7, and isn’t exactly agile, but it does feature rotating number plates, working headlamps and illuminated instruments.

Alongside the car is a life-size 007 minifigure and Blofeld’s cat. The spy sculptures mark Lego’s 90th and James Bond’s 60th anniversary and are on display in London’s Leicester Square.

They are timed to mark an upgrade of the Leicester Square Lego store, which the company says makes it the largest Lego shop in the world (not built out of Lego…). In addition to the life-sized Aston Martin, there will be a celebration of Harry Potter and a double-decker bus on display in the store.

Now, we know what all the ultimate collectors of Lego are thinking – how can I get my hands on a life-size DB5 Lego kit? Unfortunately this is a one-off project that will be retained by the company. Instead, it is offering a 298-piece 007 Aston Martin DB5 Speed Champions model, based on Bond’s No Time To Die Aston. It comes with a Daniel Craig minifigure, and costs just £19.99.

And if you fancy sorting yourself with a different type of replica Bond DB5, go out and buy an old BMW M3 (E46), rip out the engine, gearbox and M differential, commission a bespoke spaceframe and have a purpose-built DB5 body fitted to it. After all, that’s what the producers did during the making of No Time To Die, as you can see, below…

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