Volkswagen T25 video: “You’d make memories in it” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List

by Hagerty
5 January 2022 1 min read
Volkswagen T25 video: “You’d make memories in it” | Hagerty UK Bull Market List
Photo: Dean Smith

After a couple of years spent largely at home, the appetite for domestic travel is probably higher than any time since the overseas package holiday explosion in the 1970s. And if you want to combine a love of holidays, travel, and classic vehicles, then our latest Hagerty Bull Market choice could be the vehicle for you.

Officially known as the Volkswagen T3 Transporter but popularly dubbed T25 in the UK, it’s no surprise that our two-tone Bull Market van was sourced from one of the many companies offering campervan rentals, as it’s become big business over the past year or so.

And as Henry Catchpole finds out in the latest Bull Market video from Carfection, this particular T25 is packing another trick up its sleeve: A Subaru flat-four powerplant. While we’d usually try and source a car in perfectly original condition, modified vans are pretty representative of the market for T25s, and if you really like using your classics, it’s an option well-worth considering.

Catchpole seems to be having fun anyway, aside from a few struggles with the world’s longest gear linkage – and John Mayhead, Editor of the Hagerty Price Guide, has some advice in the video too for those thinking of spending their money on VW’s home on wheels. It’s far from the fastest car in our Bull Market test, but then you can’t cook your dinner in a Ferrari 458…

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