The 190E EVO that Mercedes never made | Rendered with Kyza

by Hagerty
3 March 2022 2 min read
The 190E EVO that Mercedes never made | Rendered with Kyza

Few homologation specials have the presence and appeal of the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II.

Built during an ever-escalating arms race with BMW over DTM supremacy, the Evolution II was the ultimate incarnation of the 190E platform. Once among the most handsome and restrained cars on the road – first imagined by Bruno Sacco – the 190E Evo II kept the 190’s great proportions but threw away any semblance of restraint in pursuit of racetrack-dominating aerodynamics.

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There have been wild Mercedes saloons since, and as Khyzyl Saleem explains in this episode of Rendered with Kyza, there have been restomods too. But few have gone as far in the real world as Kyza can go in the virtual realm – and as it turns out, Mercedes left plenty on the table.

As ever, the latest episode starts with Kyza generating a mood board, pulling in images of the Kimera 037, a Renault 5 Turbo “3”, and the Automobili Amos Futurista – a heavily modified Lancia Delta Integrale with the unusual touch of a two-door layout.

This door count forms the basis of Kyza’s work, and after some experimenting with different wheel arches, wheel designs and bumper arrangements, the car eventually starts to take shape.

It’s not too difficult to imagine a future restomod “190E Evo III” featuring several of these cues, from the full carbonfibre front clip – much like the Amos Integrale, but taken even further here – to the extended arches, enhanced rear wing design, or the custom-made wheels with their centrelock hubs.

But as Kyza hints, there’d be no need to stop there – why not make it electric, too? A move that would cause much gnashing of teeth, we reckon, but that’s the beauty of doing all this in the virtual world.

Make sure to check out other episodes of Rendered with Kyza here, and head to Hagerty’s YouTube channel for more automotive content.

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