An exceptional FOTU video roundup to end the week

by Stefan Lombard
4 August 2023 1 min read
An exceptional FOTU video roundup to end the week

Another Festival of the Unexceptional has come and gone, and by all accounts this year’s to-do was the single greatest event anyone had ever attended, to include weddings, birthday parties, and the 1966 World Cup Final. High praise indeed.

We’ve recapped the day to the very best of our abilities, so we now turn it over to the roving bands of YouTubers who captured the sights and sounds in glorious 4K. So make sure you’ve got a spare five and a half hours, and let’s get started!

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First up is Steph at idriveaclassic, dressed elegantly for the day and charming as ever in her interviews with proud owners.

Meanwhile, Jon Coupland attended with his eager dad and dragged along his disinterested wife. No interviews here, but plenty of shiny mediocrity set to catchy jingles.

Matt at furiousdriving can barely contain his excitement as he walks the field among “the best of the worst.”

For Dougie over at Once Driven, Forever Smitten, this was his first FOTU. It’s safe to say the field of extraordinary ordinary machinery has won him over.

Final word goes to Ian the HubNut, who takes on-the-fly car spotting to another level, and who couldn’t be more delighted with this year’s winner – a Daihatsu Applause from Sweden.

Thanks again to all who entered cars, all who attended, and all who’ve just sat through 325 minutes of video. See you there next year!

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