What will you see at the 2022 Silverstone Classic? Diddly Squat!

by Antony Ingram
27 April 2022 2 min read
What will you see at the 2022 Silverstone Classic? Diddly Squat!
Photos: Silverstone Classic

It seems the way to make it by as a farmer in an increasingly challenging climate is to be a tall, frizzy-haired and incredibly successful TV motoring personality.

While the first series of Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon highlighted the plight faced by farmers everywhere, Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop, Diddly Squat, has gone down a storm.

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So much so in fact that soon you won’t even need to go to Oxfordshire to experience its wares, as the Diddly Squat Farm Shop will be coming to The Classic at Silverstone on the August bank holiday weekend of the 26-28.

It’s not the most obvious pairing, you might think, but people gotta eat, and Diddly Squat will give you an option to pick up something a little different from the average food-van burger. Naturally, there will be merchandise on offer too, should you prefer a beanie to some bee juice (honey, for those that haven’t seen the series).

Other branded gear will include t-shirts, cuff-links, socks and more, each brandishing a logo with Clarkson’s oversized Lamborghini tractor, though we can’t promise Clarkson knitted them all himself. They’re usually available only via the shop’s website (since they’re not made locally), but at Silverstone you’ll be able to grab them in person.

“We started the little shop in a desperate attempt to sell a large pile of potatoes that we’d produced without really considering the consequences and now it has a life all of its own,” explains Clarkson of his venture.

“Whether it’s tractor caps or cow juice [now you know bee juice, you can probably guess this one] everyone seems to love what we are selling which helps to justify the day-to-day grind of farming the land.”

Diddly Squat will be located within the new Foodie Fest area at The Classic. Foodie Fest on its own will be worth a look, including cooking demonstrations, Q&A sessions at a live stage, and a Tasting Tent for drinks, the latter requiring pre-booking. Locally-sourced produce will be a common theme throughout.

Oh, and there’s some racing at The Classic too, obviously. We don’t think Clarkson will be getting involved in that, but you can watch it all with a handy jar of bee juice if you happen to get peckish.

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