Good news! Smash hit Clarkson’s Farm confirmed for second series

by James Mills
28 June 2021 2 min read
Good news! Smash hit Clarkson’s Farm confirmed for second series
Photo: Amazon Video

Update 5 July, 2021: Since this story was first published, Amazon Prime Video has responded to Hagerty to say it has not confirmed that a second series has been commissioned. Update 21 July, 2021: Amazon Prime Video has now confirmed Hagerty’s original report that there will indeed be a second series of Clarkson’s Farm. Told you so.

Like a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car trying to avoid crashing into the Top Gear camera crew, Jeremy Clarkson’s latest TV show, Clarkson’s Farm, veered violently from the usual formula of fast cars, powerrrrrrrrrrrrrr and making practical jokes at the expense of James May and Richard Hammond – and audiences can’t get enough of it.

Now Clarkson has confirmed what we knew all along – that a second series of Clarkson’s Farm is in the making and coming to a screen in your home or on your phone sometime soon.

Clarkson’s Farm has reportedly achieved the highest viewer ratings of any Amazon Video production. An Amazon ‘source’ told The Sun: “It’s rated five stars on Amazon and has a 9.3 rating on IMDB, which is practically unheard of.”

And 61-year old Clarkson recently told LADbible he wouldn’t hesitate to jump into the driver’s seat of his Lamborghini R8 270 DCR – for the benefit of those who don’t shop in country pursuits stores, that’s a tractor, not a supercar – and make a second series of The Farm.

“I’d do it in a heartbeat,” said Clarkson, “because I’m carrying on farming, and I’ve got some really good ideas that I think would make another series – but that’s up to Amazon.

“If people enjoy the first one they’ll commission a second.

Amazon set to make second series of The Farm
Photo: Amazon Video

“They tend not to be emotional about this, Amazon, they just look at the figures, and then if they’re good enough you get a second series, and if they’re not you don’t.”

Sure enough, the figures were good enough and Clarkson and his new team of farm hands have themselves a second series.

Clarkson has successfully brought entertainment and humour to the topic of farming and the plight faced by the nation’s farmers. One of the secrets to the success of the show has been the involvement of Clarkson’s long-standing friend and producer, Andy Wilman. Wilman is credited with the clever editing that makes Clarkson’s Farm just as watchable as Top Gear in its heyday.

Clarkson’s not the only Grand Tour presenter to strike out in a new direction. Richard Hammond has bought into a classic car restoration business, called The Smallest Cog, and will be learning some of the same skills perfected by his grandfather, who as a craftsman worked with Mulliners in Birmingham and at Jensen in West Bromwich. Discovery+ will be following his exploits. We can’t wait to see how Hammond gets on.

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  • Janet Blake says:

    Love,Love,Love Clarkson’s Farm
    Can’t wait to watch second series.
    Informative, interesting, funny, gorgeous country side couldn’t ask for more.

  • George Sole says:

    Best programme on TV for a long time. Informative and very funny. Clarkson on top form. Congrats to everyone involved

  • Florence mcnicol says:

    My son is a big fan of Clarkson and told me to watch it. Which I did. Twice. I am 77 I just loved it .now cannot wait for the next series. Brilliant.

  • Robert Aitken says:

    Brilliant series can’t wait for the next one 👍

  • PAM says:


  • DaninMCI says:

    Fast forward to January 2023 and now Amazon is saying they won’t renew Clarkson’s Farm contract but the show just isn’t drawing that many viewers. Odd.

  • Ciaran Fitzgerald says:

    Clarkson is being vilified for his brand of monty python blackadder humour which is just that “humour” not to be analysed with pc tooth comb by easily offended brigade. He is a master entertainer and should not be made into a sacrificial lamb. If amazon drops him someone else will step in and snap him up and he will draw double the viewers.

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