Festival of the Unexceptional

Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional returns 30 July 2022

by Antony Ingram
14 March 2022 4 min read
Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional returns 30 July 2022
Photos: Matt Howell and Nick Chivers

The Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional is back! Last year’s show at Grimsthorpe Castle was a welcome return following a pandemic-enforced hiatus and we’re carrying that momentum into this year too.

Hopefully you will too, as it’s the visitors and their marvellously mundane motors that are the stars of the Festival of the Unexceptional. 2022’s event will be the 8th Concours de l’Ordinaire organised by Hagerty, and those who’ve been there since the start will appreciate just how much the event has grown.

This year’s event will welcome TV ‘Wheeler Dealer’ Mike Brewer as a special guest, who will be around all day to meet fans and appreciate the unexceptional motors with the rest of us. Several familiar faces will return for this year’s Concours judging panel too, with motoring journalist Steve Cropley joining the esteemed judging panel for the first time.

Below you’ll find all the details we know so far about this year’s Festival, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll update this page as other details are confirmed closer to the event.

When is it?

This year’s Festival of the Unexceptional will take place on Saturday, July 30, and opens at 9.30am. However, we are sorry – well, thrilled – to say that tickets have now sold out.

Where is it?

Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire, Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional 31 July 2021

The Festival will return to Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire this year, with the Concours de l’Ordinaire once again taking place in front of the house itself and other unexceptional vehicles lined up in their hundreds on the Castle’s lawns.

The 2022 Festival of the Unexceptional entrance is in a different location to last year’s Festival. Follow the yellow AA signs directing traffic to the new entrance. The coordinates for your sat nav or maps app are:

52.74679 N, 0.48771 W

We’ve taken feedback on board from last year’s event which should mean entering the venue runs much more smoothly, while facilities will also be improved. Basically, the cars will be just as good as last year, while everything else should be even better.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets to the 2022 Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional have now sold out and there are no tickets available on the day for those arriving at the gate.

Please don’t attempt to purchase tickets through resellers as there have been reports of scammers attempting to profit from the popularity of the Festival of the Unexceptional, with fake tickets.

Tickets were priced at £20 per vehicle. Cars accepted into the Concours will get in free, though if you apply for the Concours and your car isn’t accepted, don’t worry – we’ll be setting aside tickets, so there’s no risk you’ll be left without a ticket if your car isn’t chosen for the Concours.

What cars are eligible for the Festival of the Unexceptional Concours?

If you’ve been to the Festival before, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what we like to see, but as a general rule we’re looking for ‘unexceptional’ cars registered between 1967 and 1997.

Judges will place an emphasis on originality and ordinary, less ‘exotic’ versions of cars. We prefer Ls to SRis, Populars to Cosworths, and Renaults to Rolls-Royces. Judges also like to learn about the story behind the car, as this can make the difference when having to choose between a number of the same make and model. Really sell your car to us when you submit it for entry to the Concours!

To help us narrow down the dozens of entries, good photographs are also very useful in your submission – two or three clear exterior shots (front and rear three-quarter shots are always useful), plus a good, clear shot of the interior. Make sure you show off those base-spec cloth seats…

Concours entry nominations are now open.

I entered the Festival of the Unexceptional before. Does that mean I can automatically take part again?

No. You’ll know from personal experience how popular the event is – and how competitive it is too. So we require anyone wishing to enter the concours competition to submit a new entry for each year’s Festival.

If my car is a prime example of an ‘Unexceptional’ car, can I just turn up and put my car on show in the Concours?

1989 Nissan Bluebird 1.6 Premium_2021 Hagerty festival of the Unexceptional

No, afraid not. We’d be delighted to see you and may even direct you to parking where your car will be in good company with other marvellously mundane motor cars, but you’ll need to apply for the Concours in advance like other entrants.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely. The Festival of the Unexceptional is very much a family event, and a great opportunity to show your kids prime examples of the kind of real-world cars that used to roam our roads.

Will there be food at the event?

Yes! We’re laying on food stalls, but you’re equally welcome to bring a picnic or packed lunch too (and there’s usually plenty of space around the cars to put on a spread).

Will there be a bar?

Yes. (That’s all you wanted to know, right? We won’t go into the cocktail or mocktail list here…)

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome but the venue stipulates that they must be kept on a lead.

Can we camp overnight?

There is no camping available, though if you’ve got an unexceptional camper van we’d love to see it at the Festival. And if the excitement all gets a bit too much, it’d be a fine place to nap too.

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  • Mark smith says:

    How much are the tickets for the festival of the unexceptional on 31st of july 2021 thank you how do you get tickets

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Mark, as we noted in the article ticket details will be announced soon, so keep an eye out on the website.

  • Daniel skidmore says:

    How can i get tickets please for car event 31.7.21

  • Jon says:


    Are you taking trading stands at the show? I have a small business making and selling car inspired gifts, toys and homeware I also have a few cars I’d like to bring.
    Thank you


  • Mark Baker says:

    Hello. I have an almost original 24v V6 3.0 1995 SWB Shogun. The only thing changed is a Stainless exhaust from the cat back. It has an after market stereo, but that’s not what I want to show, merely my ole faithful in her glory. Would I be able to park it so people could look, not looking to enter into any competition or anything? Grimsthorpe is fairly close, so failing that, I would just park with the public in the car park whilst I walk around looking at the exhibits. It’s so I know what ticket I would need to purchase once they are available you see. Thankyou.

  • Jaime says:

    I CANNOT wait! Can I bring my whippet?!

  • Steve says:

    Will there be any camping/motorhomes allowed overnight?

  • Gary Cant says:

    Seems a bit of a nightmare trying to book a vehicle into this show.
    After filling in the application form / history of the vehicle etc, and selecting appropriate photo’s the website failed to download the information.
    Has anyone been successful in booking in a vehicle?

  • Peter Bell says:

    Hi Can you confirm date as this weeks Classic car Weekly shows 21st July and how do i entry my car.
    Thanks Peter

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Peter, we’d like to think we can get the date of our own show right, so it is indeed on the 31st and not the 21st!

      Hold tight for tickets and entries – we should have details of that any day now.

  • Pete Stanford says:

    Are dogs allowed?

  • John D’oh says:

    Is it an exceptional dog?

  • Shaun Kerr says:

    Hello there I would like to enter my 1988 Mazda 323 station wagon please

  • Mr. V. den Plas says:

    I don’t use twits, faceache or instasham. It is May very soon. People need to be able to plan things after lockdown as there are hundreds of activities kicking off 2021. Where can I obtain tickets without going on a trawl of anti-social media. A website would be a good idea.

    • James Mills says:

      The link to the ticket sales went live today. Please see the links in the story or skip to the FAQs which will take you to the booking site.

  • Mr. V. den Plas says:

    Thank you for providing the ticket link. However, the booking method is ambiguous. It says “1 ticket is required per person” so I book 2…. then asks for TWO classic registration marks. Either its a ticket per person, or a ticket per classic car. Either way, I cant provide two VRM’s. Please can you clarify and adjust accordingly.

  • wesacosa says:

    Agreed. its super confusing. It is not clear how to handle tickets for passengers in a car you book in. Do you need one ticket per car or one per person, and if its one per person how to do that if you can only use on reg number

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello – there were problems with this earlier but the issue has been fixed in the past couple of days. The wording is much clearer now so worth giving it another try!

  • wesacosa says:

    thanks @Antony Ingram
    I read it again and I am taking it that if I have one classic/unexceptional vehicle not entered in the concours competition and I bring a second person in the car with me then I need two of the “free” tickets. If this is wrong please advise. Thanks

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Yup, that’s correct – people who arrive in a classic or unexceptional vehicle get free tickets while stocks last (the first 999 tickets available). Do let us know if you come across any further issues though!

  • John Penquet says:

    Booked, entered in the concours and can’t wait to shine the light on my 1995 Mondeo

  • David Sharp says:

    How do I know that my car has been selected for the concourse after I enter it for the 2021 Festival of the Unexceptional? Cars must pass a selection and judging criteria. Having been instructed to sell my car to the judges when I submitted it for entry to the concourse, it remains a mystery how and when entrants judged successful are informed!

  • Laurence Sherwood says:

    I’ve booked for the concourse along with 3 tickets for the event for myself and two passengers. How will I know if my vehicle has been accepted into the Concourse? I assume that after the 31st May we will get an email of some sort?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Laurence – your assumption is correct, entrants will indeed receive notification in good time, whether or not their car has been accepted for the concours.


    Have all tickets gone? I have mistakenly booked two free car park places for unexceptional cars but simply want to book two tickets. Can you help please?

  • Dan says:

    Are all visitor tickets (for arrivals in modern car) all sold out please? I found the wording on the ticket website rather confusing so want to make sure I’m interpreting correctly before cancelling accommodation etc. 🙂 Thanks, Dan

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Dan, tickets had sold out for those arriving in modern cars as of yesterday, but we’ve just added another 250, so give it another try!

  • Andy Lovatt says:

    Do tickets need to a printed or is downloaded to the phone ok?

  • Steve Barratt says:

    Want to register but can’t I enter a password so am I doing something wrong or is your booking system up the shoot?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Steve. There’s nothing wrong with the booking link that we’re aware of, but if you’re having password-related issues, it may be worth using the reset password option. If it’s the form itself that doesn’t seem to be working, try emptying your browser cache as that can sometimes fix small issues.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks Antony, I second Steve’s comment about not being able to log-in / register. Getting ‘HTTP Error 500’ on https://carfestivalbooking.com/login (after inputting username and password). Grateful if you could take a look please.

  • David Sharp says:

    So if not accepted for the concourse, will those individuals be offered a carparking ticket to attend in my unexceptional car anyway, as always wanted to attend regardless of whether my car makes the concourse. I also wouldn’t want to hog a pair of tickets unnecessarily as demand is clearly quite high, still slightly confusing, apologies if it just me? No-one ever replied to my first query, see above….thanks David

  • Andy Lovatt says:

    When I reserved the tickets for the show! It said to ask here if they needed to be printed or just downloaded to a phone. Can someone please advise as I don’t have a printer?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Andy, if you can get a screen grab or download to your phone that will be fine. Alternatively we can print them for you and hold the tickets at the gate – sounds silly, I know, but we’re happy to help make sure you have a great Festival!

  • Laura says:

    “Once the initial 999 free tickets have been reserved, we will make a further 1000 available at £5.75. ”
    Does any one know if these extra will be for visitors in a regular car or for unexceptionable cars only? Ie should I keep an eye open incase I can still get tickets despite having a modern car?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Laura, I have feedback from the events team, and they tell me that the only tickets left are for those arriving in a classic or unexceptional type vehicle, I’m afraid. I hope that helps. James.

  • John says:

    Do I print the tickets or show them on my phone? Thanks

  • David Sharp says:

    So if not accepted for the concourse, will those individuals be offered a carparking ticket to attend in my unexceptional car anyway, as always wanted to attend regardless of whether my car makes the concourse. I also wouldn’t want to hog a pair of tickets unnecessarily as demand is clearly quite high, still slightly confusing, apologies if it just me? No-one ever replied to my first query, see above….thanks David

    Still no reply Anthony…James…anyone… 🙂

    • James Mills says:

      Hi David, I gather one of the team has spoken with you directly about this, but for the benefit of all those who applied for the 2021 Festival of the Unexceptional concours, and weren’t successful, it goes without saying we’d still love to have you along and you will be offered a complimentary ticket. See you there! James.

  • brian coleman says:

    All sounds far too complicated for normal people who just want to attend and event in their classic/ unexceptional car. Exceptionally complicated!!

  • Andy Lovatt says:

    What is the point of this if no one answers your query?

  • david gilley says:

    can I just turn up at the FOTE and pay on the door I don’t seem to be able to buy a ticket

    • James Mills says:

      David, as you can imagine, in these times we have to adhere to strict rules around visitor numbers. Have you tried buying a ticket for those with a classic or unexceptional car? That would be the best approach at this stage. Alternatively please feel free to phone us to discuss it in further detail and we’ll do all we can to help. James Mills, Editor.

  • Robert Brink says:

    If the restrictions in England remain in Step 3 because of rising coronavirus infections and won’t move to Step 4 on July 19, will FOTU still take place? I already have a ticket for my unexceptional car.

  • Michael Hudson says:

    myself and a friend are coming in my everyday car. I bought 2 tickets at 5.75. I am just coming to see the show, not enter a car. Have i bought the correct tickets? Didn’t even know you had to buy tickets just to attend as a foot visitor till tonight.

    • James Mills says:

      Michael, you have the correct tickets and will be fine to get in to the Festival of the Unexceptional. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Trent Hill says:

    Hi, we are interested in coming but just in our everyday modern Renault Wind. So not to enter any sort of competition. Only tickets left are for Classic Car Parking. Can I still buy them to visit even if I’m in a 2010 car?

  • Grant Creasey says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments on here, for something that should be quite simple, it does seem confusing. I would like to attend but don’t get it. To me it seems that you can only buy a ticket at £5.75 if you have a classic/unexceptional car to get in the car park. However in the reply to Michael Hudson the answer suggests you can turn up in anything?!?

  • Steve says:

    It looks like all the tickets are sold out for spectators? Is this correct, or can I buy one of the other tickets and come in a car made in 2000, even if its not unexceptional?!
    Live locally and kicking myself for forgetting about the tickets….

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Steve, grab one of the last remaining tickets, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.
      (James Mills, Editor)

  • Michael Black says:

    Hello. I am confused like many others. So can I confirm that if I wanted to come in my 98 reg Toyota Starlet, but NOT be in concours I can buy one of the few remaining tickets for unexceptional cars @ £5.75? It’s not <96 age as you state is the starting point, but the Starlet model I have ran 96-99.

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Michael, you would be very welcome. We’ll see you there.
      (James Mills, Editor.)

  • Simon Turner says:

    Thinking about coming to the show but I keep seeing concourse mentioned is it all about show and shine or are all classics from rough to concourse allowed? Also my own classic is far from a show and shine vehicle will this effect my booking?

    • James Mills says:

      Simon, you will be very welcome regardless of the condition of your classic.

  • Michael Black says:

    Thanks for your reply… Sorry, but a really poor state of affairs. The ticketing system / entry rules are clearly confusing people, yet nobody can be bothered to reply! I won’t come then, as I am not taking the risk of being turned away because my car is a 98 and not 96 plate.

  • Ian says:

    Is there any spectator parking on a hard surface. My car is rwd and I don’t fancy a slippery soggy grass field and getting bogged down. At least I got a ticket early

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Ian, there are plans in place for any wet weather and parking arrangements. But hopefully the sun will shine on the 2021 Festival of the Unexceptional!

  • SimonCM says:

    Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day still??

  • Pete Wilson says:

    What time does it start as it is not stated on the tickets?

  • Graham Wilkins says:

    Good afternoon. I was planning to attend the FOTU as I have done every year so far, but now see from the website that everything is sold out. Does this really mean there is no way I can just turn up in my small camper van, park and walk in as previously? Many thanks.

  • Andy Davies says:

    I had no idea this was booked up so early with no availability for public entry? I had guessed it would be pay on the gate for public.

  • Colin Maddock says:

    I have a ticket booked to bring my car. How many people can I bring in my car please with the one ticket?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Colin, the tickets are per person rather than per car, so if you have one ticket it’d just be for yourself.

  • John D says:

    As a result of being “pinged” I now won’t be able to attend so I have a couple of tickets available if anybody is interested

    • Antony Ingram says:

      That’s a real shame John but thank you for offering up your tickets.

      If anyone is interested we can put them in touch, though it’s also possible to cancel the tickets, and we can re-release them for sale through the ticket website.

  • John D says:

    Thanks Antony, I’ve returned them as you suggested so that they can be re-sold

  • Colin Maddock says:

    Evening James. Thanks for replying. This is really disappointing. I booked my ticket back in May and was hoping to bring two friends in my car with me. It wasn’t made clear at the time of booking each person in the car would need a ticket. While I’ve not been to FOTU before, that’s not how most shows I’ve been to before have worked (including post-COVID shows I’ve been to this year since lockdown eased). So on the basis there are no further tickets available now, I’ll have to withdraw my entry as I don’t want to come alone. What a shame.

  • Nina Smith says:

    I am confused. Visitor tickets are sole out , but in another paragraph you say thee first 500 to arrive in a modern car will be able to buy a ticket.
    Can you please clarify, as I live over 100 miles away

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Nina, tickets for both those arriving in classic vehicles and modern ones have now sold out – all ticket sales were online.

  • Steven Barrett says:

    Are there no tickets available on the day? For those who just want to come and pay on the day? The FOTU has always been this way and apparently I can not attend at all this year is that true?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Steve, I am afraid that it is correct – the Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional has indeed sold out, and there won’t be further tickets sold at the gate on the day. We would love to see you next year.

  • Giles says:

    Like Colin Haddock I was under the impression a ticket for car entry would at least include driver and one passenger. Perhaps Colin would like to sell me his spare ticket so I can take my Dad.

  • R C Hale says:

    The queues for grimsthorpe castle are ridiculous I cannot understand why this has not been sorted before the event

  • Peter says:

    Ridiculous queues and an absurd convoy system to exit – no other events manage to make such a meal of parking a few cars… Silverstone don’t have this problem with tens of thousands of cars! Far too few toilets for the number of visitors. And nothing for children despite this information above: “And for more interaction and entertainment, families will be pleased to know there is a children’s play area” – poor effort Hagerty

  • David Sharp says:

    Great free day out. Thank you…but ticketing was confusing and parking today for many was chaos, oh and you’re telling me a Bentley, a Rolls Royce Corniche, Jenson Interceptor, Porsche and BMW are unexceptional? May as well have let the Tesla’s park up too. Shame as there are already plenty of shows out there for the more expensive classics and show cars and I wouldn’t expect them to allow me to rattle up in my old Mk5 Escort estate. Nice to see an unmolested phase 1 RAV4 in the unexceptional parking though, blue one right at the front. Restored? Lovely either way. The car is front is still a Toyota!

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello David, good eye on the RAV4 – it’s owned by Toyota UK (along with the Carina E parked behind it) and was indeed restored a couple of years ago.

      As far as the Jenson, Bentley etc are concerned, visitors were of course free to turn up in what they liked, but parking staff may not always be as clued-up on what separates classic from unexceptional as the Hagerty staff. Hopefully they didn’t detract too much from the range of other cars on display.

  • Mark P says:

    Thankyou to all at Hagerty who organised the 2021 FOTU, I had a great day out, I have never seen such a wide range of old cars in one place, mind blowing, and I met a lot of like minded people. Much appreciated

  • Steve says:

    Absolutely ridiculous traffic congestion on the A151 trying to get into the event. I was stationary for over half an hour, two miles away at 11:00 having driven 100 miles to get to the event. Gave up and went home. Please advise how I gain a refund for my tickets.

  • Mark Saunders says:

    Almost stationary on the A151 for 1hr and 20mins having driven 160 miles. What was the problem with getting cars into the venue?

  • Paul Kitchen says:

    2022 tickets – After kicking myself for missing last year’s ticket release I am keen to diary mark for 2022 and make sure I don’t miss this event again. Do you have any timeline for this year’s event listing and ticket release?

  • Eli says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Eli Hart, I’m a filmmaker from London. I’m currently looking for an old, mid-80s car to use in our next film, something akin to a 1986 Austin Maestro; does anyone know anyone I could potentially chat to about loaning or perhaps buying? Thanks.

  • Richard simpson says:

    I have a 1985 Vauxhall cavalier estate which is in good running order. What exactly is it you want it for as it’s not for sale but maybe for loan if it’s not going to get abused as it were!

  • James Western says:

    Hello. Love to bring my chrysler neon
    But she’s a 1998 model.
    Guess she’s going to have to wait until next year.

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello James, you’d be more than welcome to bring the Neon along (encouraged, even). The year limit is mainly to keep things manageable for concours applications.

  • David says:

    Is the traffic coming into the venue going to be managed differently than last year? It’d be useful to know as if not I’m going to have to upgrade my cooling fan.

    • James Mills says:

      David, absolutely. The issues that impacted last year’s traffic situation, early in proceedings, were identified and will be addressed for the 2022 event, so it will be the best experience yet. Hope that helps.

  • Richard simpson says:

    Really sad is up in the arctic circle again, I have a crackingly ordinary cavalier estate auto thst I was so hoping to bring but it’s so far away again , perhaps next year you could come down south again maybe. Gutted!.

  • Gary Cant says:

    When I first attended the Festival of the Unexceptional show at Grimsthorpe it was free to take my classic car, last year it was £5, this year it’s going to cost me £20.
    As a pensioner who goes on his own to the show, the extra cost, plus increase in fuel prices make it less attractive to attend, so this year I will give it a miss.

    • James Mills says:

      Gary, many thanks for the feedback. As you will be well placed to appreciate, the event has grown considerably over the years it has been running, from one that featured tens of cars to one that numbers several thousand. The type of venue and facilities we provide have therefore had to evolve in that time, and the organisation required too. This year, the cost has been changed to be priced per vehicle rather than per individual, as we had many people saying that was their preferred method given they attended with friends and family. We fully appreciate about the fuel prices. Needless to say, the end of July is some way off and we really hope you can join us with your car. Best wishes, James Mills (Editor)

  • Carl TM says:

    Awesome news.

    Hotel booked for 2 nights already.

  • andyscran says:

    If I’m coming in a modern car is that still the £20 ticket or can we buy pedestrian tickets? Thank you! I’m not sure my old one will be running…

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Andy, glad to hear you’re interested in coming along. Tickets are £20 per car whether or not that car will be parked in the ‘unexceptional’ area. Modern cars will be directed to general parking as per last year.

  • Neil Johnson says:

    Hi, I may be a bit thick!! But how do I book tickets for this for 3 people? I can’t see any links on this site. We should be staying locally to the event so will probably get a taxi as the cars are too new to qualify ( also having a pint or two )

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Neil, it depends whether the three people are coming in the same car or not. The tickets this year are per vehicle, so if three of you are in one car, you’ll only need one ticket. If you’re coming in three separate cars, you’ll need three. With tickets checked at the gate I’m sure they’ll understand that if you all arrive in a taxi the one ticket should be fine.

  • stephen Farrow says:

    i have a MG ZT 260 V8 2004 will this be allowed to the show

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Stephen, you are of course more than welcome to visit the show. As your car is newer than the roughly 1997 cutoff and far from “unexceptional” however you’ll be directed to the general public parking rather than being part of the unexceptional displays. Tickets are £20 per vehicle whether the car is on display or not.

  • Simon Shemwood says:

    Hi – can buy tickets on the day?

  • martin milmoe says:

    As you insure. Classic lorries, why don’t you have a place for them at the festival?
    There’s Alot of us out there we would love to join you!

  • James Nunn says:

    Can’t believe tickets are already sold out! I would have jumped sooner if I’d realised this would be the case. Is there any kind of waiting list I can go on in case someone cancels?

    • James Mills says:

      James, it is indeed a very popular event, however, there are still tickets available for anyone driving and ‘classic’ or ‘unexceptional’ type car, via the ticketing site, Eventbrite. Hopefully that mean you can still join us?

  • Richard Joyce says:

    Do we need to book in with this show or can we just turn up. Thank you

    • James Mills says:

      Richard, you will need to book a ticket in advance. Please search ‘Eventbrite’ for the Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional and see the ticketing options. Look forward to welcoming you!

  • Antony Edwards says:

    Why are there tickets for “Modern” and “Classic and Unexceptional” if neither are in the Conours? I don’t have a classic car (instead a 2011 plate Mercedes), and simply wanted to buy a ticket to visit the show with my father, and I’m assuming this now restricts me from visiting the event?

  • Antony Edwards says:

    I see you’ve added more tickets for modern cars, so I’ve just purchased one. Thanks for adding more for sale, it’s very much appreciated! Looking forward to the show!

  • John Norris says:

    Hi can I purchase a ticket turn up as a visitor in a modern car and park in a carpark to look around the event

    • James Mills says:

      John, yes you can. But be quick as they previously sold out and we have added more…

  • Stephen says:

    Will I be able to just turn up on the day and purchase a ticket(s)

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Stephen – I’m afraid not. The show has been fully booked in previous years, so you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance via the link provided.

  • Joe Shaw says:

    Hi, I have a W reg E39 520i that’s very low spec… 15″ wheels and cloth interior. Would this be OK for an unexceptional ticket or would it be classed as modern? Thanks.

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Joe, is it on steel wheels? That may sway things in your favour, when arriving!

  • Steve says:

    Hi, could you clarify ticket prices for entry on foot please? Would it be £20 per person, or £20 for a group of people who would otherwise have been in a car…or something else?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Steve, the tickets are being sold on a vehicle entry basis only. Are you on foot because it’s a local event, or for other reasons? You’re quite welcome to puchase a vehicle ticket and arrive on foot, if that is the only option for you?

  • Samuel Cresswell says:


    I have a 2000 Volvo V70 (P80 platform) on a W reg. Would it be classed as modern or classic / unexceptional?


    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Samuel, the concours at this year’s show has a 1997 cut-off and we generally suggest similar for unexceptional parking, so it’s likely with a 2000 you’ll be directed to the modern parking area.

  • B Cook says:


    Is the ‘£20 Single Modern Car’ ticket OK for us to visit & look round for the day- I doubt my base model 2010 Kia Rio Ceed (value < £20) will last long enough for it to qualify for entry?


    • James Mills says:

      Yes, that is just the ticket, so to speak. Look forward to welcoming you all.

  • Simon Jackson says:

    Do do visitors not entering cars need to purchase a ticket or can they pay on the gate?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Simon, tickets must be purchased in advance as the Festival is an event that sells out, so there will be no tickets on the gate.

  • David Cresswell says:

    What time does the show start and finish please – can’t see any reference to this on the site??

    • James Mills says:

      Hi David, the show opens at 9.30am. The show formally ends at 4.30pm and by 5.30pm everyone will have left.

  • Sunil Chauhan says:

    Hi we’re looking at arriving a Porsche 964 911, can you confirm what type of ticket we would need to purchase, as its not a modern car, but its not technically an unexceptional car either.

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Sunil, that’s no problem at all. Please choose a ‘classic or unexceptional’ ticket and we look forward to seeing you there!

  • Bob says:

    I see it’s says £20 per car but I only have a van as my transport, and there’s only 2 of us
    Will that be allowed ?
    I don’t want to book a ticket until I’m sure.

  • Maren Taylor says:

    Hi, I have applied to be accepted for a place on the concourse. I have had no response or info from you at all. When are you thinking to notify applicants? Should I buy a normal entry ticket, as I would like to bring my 1985 Audi 80 to the event?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Maren. The Events team are out of the office today, so will come back to you tomorrow with confirmation either way. Meanwhile, it may be worth checking your email’s spam folder, in case the notification sent by email has been diverted there. What I would say is applicants who weren’t successful in securing a Concours de l’Ordinaire entry are offered a complimentary entry ticket to the event, so you shouldn’t have to purchase one. Hope that helps.

  • Alan says:

    I have a ticket for unexceptional parking but there’s a chance my car won’t make it, if I turn up on the day in a modern car can I still use my ticket to park in “normal” parking please ?
    (Still hoping the classic will make it)

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Alan, if you can’t drive your classic to the event, you will still be able to enter in a modern vehicle, so whichever approach best suits you. Look forward to welcoming you.

  • John G says:

    Your website notes that “single modern car” tickets are sold out. As it is too far to bring my older car, does this mean that you can’t just turn up on the day, park up out of the way in a modern car, and enjoy the event as a spectator? Please clarify.

    • James Mills says:

      John, there are some more ‘modern’ car tickets on the Eventbrite site, now. Hope that helps.

  • Dan S says:

    Hello, it looks like modern car tickets are sold out but there has been some mention of adding more tickets in the past, any chance there will be another run of tickets or will the remaining ‘classic car’ tickets be the last ones available? I’m really keen to attend but understand the event often sells out, and I don’t think I’ll be able to arrange the use of a classic car in time. Many thanks.

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Dan, the last batch has just been released. Please hurry as it is at capacity so these will be the final ones for modern cars. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Patrick B says:

    Is it likely that any more ‘modern car’ tickets will become available?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Patrick, the last batch has just been released. Please hurry as it is at capacity so these will be the final ones for modern cars. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Patrick B says:

    Brilliant James – thanks for that- I got one of the last batch.

    It was only when I couldn’t get a ticket I realised how much I wanted to go. Really looking forward to it as I’m sure my (long-suffering) wife and son are too!

    See you there!

  • Shoshannah Hughes says:

    Hi, I have a ticket for classic/unexceptional parking. I see the gates open at 9.30am but does it matter if we get there later? Ta!

  • Andy Birks says:

    Hi, the on-line tickets are sold out, can I pay at the gate?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Andy, I’m afraid there are no tickets available on the gate as we’re now at capacity. There are a handful of classic and unexceptional tickets left if you’re coming along in an older car.

  • Daniel Frankish says:

    Will there be tickets on the gate please

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Daniel – I’m afraid tickets are, or were, advance purchase only. No tickets will be available on the gate.

  • Nina Smirh says:

    As a spectator in a modern car, can I buy an entry ticket on the gate?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Nina, unfortunately no tickets are available on the gate as the event is at capacity. Tickets have now sold out for both modern and unexceptional cars.

  • Andy Birks says:

    Is there separate car parking for spectator only entrance?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Andy, all vehicles will enter through the same point with modern cars directed to a dedicated parking area. As we replied to your comment the other day however, no tickets will be available on the gate, so you will need to have a ticket already to enter the event.

  • Philip Greaves says:

    Hi Hagerty UK I’m booked in as a classic and unexceptional car. Is it ok if I don’t arrive in that car? Like is the ticket transferable ? Also what are the age limits/conditions for entrance for cars not in the concourse?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Philip, we understand that cars and plans aren’t always reliable, so the ticket will be transferable to a modern vehicle.

  • Jack says:

    Looking forward to the event! Would a small disposable BBQ be permitted by the car?

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Jack, the grass at Grimsthorpe is listed and very much protected so I’m afraid you won’t be able to use a disposable BBQ. There is plenty of food available on site however.

  • Steven Read says:

    Hi. We have been planning to go to the festival for a long time and just assumed we could pay on the gate. Is there any chance of buying a late ticket as there are bound to be the odd person who does not attend. Just thought I’d be cheeky and ask. Thanks. Steve.

  • Kevin Bray says:

    My first “FOTU”. The organisation/ marshalling was very good. I also liked the themed billboards. Hope you can support the event in 2023.

    Any chance you can segregate the parking by the decade of manufacture next year ?. I know some people would like the randomness but you know what cars are booked in so you can cater for that type of arrangement.

    I also wouldn’t object to more trade stands if it helps offset the entry costs.

  • Matt Stannard says:

    I came and had a brilliant time, however, I can’t be the only person that thinks the cut off age(1997) is too old, I have a 2002 Škoda Fabia saloon, a car that was rare in its day and rarer that an Allegro/Marina/Escort today, I’m sure most car enthusiasts would have loved to see it but I had to park amongst the “new” cars apparently, I did spot a 2006 Suzuki Ignis on display, and a nearly new Ferrari??? Perhaps my face doesn’t fit? I’d come back but only if the ethos of Unexceptional is made more clear, loads of top of the range cars to be seen, I can see them at any other car show, also let some mor modern rarities in.

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Matt, glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for coming along in your Fabia.

      The cut-off is primarily to bring some order to the Concours itself, and as it’s a rolling bracket, it means new cars can be eligible each year, while older ones that are probably now better regarded as “traditional” classics drop off the list.

      There’s a bit more freedom with the general unexceptional parking, so the cars don’t strictly have to fit between the rolling 25-55yr old bracket, but it serves as a guideline and helps keep the numbers sensible – as you can appreciate from this year’s show, if we allowed another five years’ worth of unexceptional cars (and as newer vehicles, a greater proportion from those five years likely survive than older models), things would soon get out of hand. Unexceptional parking tickets already ran out long before modern parking, and opening up to significantly more modern cars would likely mean older models missing out on tickets.

      As for the odd one or two cars that maybe weren’t unexceptional that snuck through the net, that’s just down to the logistics of welcoming more than a thousand cars onto the site. A few people who intended to bring unexceptional cars may also have been unable to on the day, so brought along something newer on their existing ticket.

      The cut-off is unlikely to change, but next year by all means get yourself a ticket for the unexceptional parking, and I’m sure your car will be more than welcome among the others.

  • Jayne Kennewell says:

    Hi are you doing a show in 2023 at Grimsthorpe Castle?

  • Jordan says:

    Hi, I’ve just bought my tickets and it asked for my reg but I’m unsure if I’ll have the same car in July. What happens if I chnage my car?

    • James Mills says:

      Hi Jordan, your ticket will be valid for entry, regardless of the car changing. Hope that helps, and we look forward to welcoming you!

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