Redline Rebuild update: Our Subaru Impreza WRX’s oil system is cause for confusion

by Hagerty
17 August 2022 2 min read
Redline Rebuild update: Our Subaru Impreza WRX’s oil system is cause for confusion

Those of you familiar with Subarus may have spent the last few weeks shouting at your computer screens while Davin Reckow, the hands-on presenter behind Hagerty’s Redline Rebuild video series, gets to work on our latest project car.

After all, while the principles of piston engines are all fairly similar, the flat-four layout of the Impreza’s turbocharged, 2-litre lump, and a few unique-to-Subaru quirks, do mean that the teardown of the engine and some of the expertise needed to work on it do differ from the units that Reckow’s more used to working on.

And it’s one of those quirks that means our Subaru Impreza WRX project is taking the briefest of pauses while a few oil system issues are worked out. Namely, several commenters on previous videos have recommended a higher-flow oil pump, but that seems to contradict with a common issue on these engines. So that really needs further investigation.

There’s still cleaning to be done, as well as waiting on a few parts (which itself is a slow process right now). So while you’ll see more of the Subaru next week, most of this week’s episode is spent on another Hagerty project car: a Ford dirt track racer.

Other than the fact both cars are naturals in the dirt, it’s difficult to think of two more disparate vehicles. Either way, we get a good look underneath, at some of the period-correct patchwork repairs to the exterior, and some of the unique features of the car. There are some good tips in there too, particularly about radiator fan shrouds, which should apply to almost any car.

The Subaru will return next week anyway, and in the meantime you can catch up with previous episodes here, or head over to the Hagerty YouTube channel for Redline Rebuild updates, and other series like Barn Find Hunter and Revelations with Jason Cammisa.

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