Heads, oil pump and exhaust manifold on our Subaru EJ20 engine

by Hagerty
6 October 2022 1 min read
Heads, oil pump and exhaust manifold on our Subaru EJ20 engine

With the bottom end bolted together on the last Redline Rebuild episode, this time it’s the top end going together.

Well, both of the top ends, anyway, this being a boxer engine. While that means more parts to install, it also means more parts to admire, and with everything looking either new, freshly refurbished, painted, or heat-coated, that’s quite a lot of parts.

Davin addresses the EJ engine’s oil cooler in this episode, which they briefly considered ditching on the advice of some owners, but ultimately retained for its desirable, oil lifespan-increasing properties.

The sump’s now on there too, and then it’s time for the exhaust manifolds and the downpipe to the turbocharger… which, given how this engine is laid out, ends up being more like an up-pipe.

The turbo and other ancillaries will go on at a later date, but the next thing we can expect is for Davin to set the timing so the engine doesn’t immediately eat itself once fired up. This engine’s had a hard enough life already without falling at the final hurdle…

You can catch previous episodes in the series at our Redline Rebuilds link, as well as coverage of previous rebuilds. Head over to Hagerty’s YouTube channel to subscribe, and make sure not to miss Henry Catchpole’s take on the MST Mk1 here.

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