Renault Sport re-stocks Clio Williams wheels

by Antony Ingram
17 June 2021 2 min read
Renault Sport re-stocks Clio Williams wheels
Photos: Renault Sport

Some hot hatches are so iconic you don’t even need to say their full name for people to know what you’re referring to: GTI; 1.9; Trophy. And of course, Williams.

The Renault Clio Williams is one of the all-time great hot hatchbacks, and with the Formula One team’s name appended to the Clio and Clio alone, it’s not a car that needs much of an introduction.

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It is a car that needs parts though. With the earliest Williams arriving in 1993 they’re now getting on a bit, and while they’re typically looked after better (albeit also driven harder) than your average Clio RN, an old Clio is an old Clio so some parts are getting rare or worn out.

Good news then, because Renault Sport will now sell you a brand new wheel, or a full set should you require it, of the original 15-inch gold Speedline design that marks out the Williams from the Clio 16v.

Renault Clio Williams

The price for a single wheel with its 7-inch width, 36mm offset and 4×100 bolt pattern comes in at €249 (around £213 at the current exchange rate). That doesn’t seem outrageous given both the rarity of the original items (they do come up for sale, but you’re trusting the condition of used items) and the increasing value of the Williams itself, which makes restoration costs more justifiable these days.

So far the wheels are the only item listed on the Renault Sport site for the Williams, but the brand does offer a range of parts for other rare models, such as Speedline Turini wheels for the later Clio 182s and even steering wheels for the Clio Cup racers – plus a range of parts for later RS models too.

Hopefully, they’ll see fit to add to the tally of Williams parts in the future, but in the meantime, you can at least now get hold of one of the most iconic parts of any hot hatchback.  

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