Love don’t cost a thing but J-Lo’s rare Aston Martin sold for a song

by Nik Berg
10 October 2023 1 min read
Love don’t cost a thing but J-Lo’s rare Aston Martin sold for a song

A 1998 Aston Martin DB7 Volante Alfred Dunhill Edition that was ordered new by Jennifer Lopez and featured in the video for Love Don’t Cost A Thing sold for less than £35,000 at auction.

J-Lo’s DB7 was car number two in a run of 80 examples of this collaboration between Aston Martin and Alfred Dunhill and the first one to be sold. Mechanically identical to the regular DB7 the Dunhill cars came with a host of tailored trim and accessories, along with unique silver metallic paintwork picked to match the Dunhill Millennium watch that was mounted on the dashboard. 18-inch gunmetal alloy wheels were fitted with watch-inspired centre caps.

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The cabin was trimmed in charcoal Connolly leather with brushed steel dash panels, door trims and gear shifter. The pedals were made in aluminium and the car was fully-loaded with air conditioning, heated electric seats, heated front and rear screens, adjustable steering column and electric mirrors. A built-in humidor was even available, although non-smokers could specify a personal grooming kit to take its place instead.

This car was first registered in California and starred alongside Lopez in the video for her 2000 hit Love Don’t Cost A Thing – making a perfectly-timed entry just as she sings the line “Think I wanna drive your Benz? I don’t.”

Now registered in Germany with only 15,000 miles on the (slightly wonky) odometer it was sold for €40,250 (£34,812). That’s rather less than a #1 Concours Condition car would fetch according to the Hagerty Valuations team and a better deal than Janet Jackson’s 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish which sold in May for £75,000. Could this be the pop diva deal of the year?

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