How the 1093-hp Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Became Lap King of the ’Ring and Laguna Seca

by Nathan Petroelje
12 March 2024 3 min read
How the 1093-hp Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Became Lap King of the ’Ring and Laguna Seca
Photos courtesy Porsche

Earlier this year, we told you about a skunkworks Porsche Taycan that charged around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7:07.55, a new lap record for a series production electric car and a lap record for four-door models of any powertrain type. That car had a few special features – including a rather large rear spoiler – that we hadn’t yet seen on any production Taycan, and it was rumoured that a new variant might be in the works.

Behold the 2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT and its no-holds-barred Weissach Package. The Turbo GT becomes the new king of electric Porsches, offering up to 1093bhp of peak system output. Weissach versions arrive without a rear seat and with that big spoiler, both elements that are exclusive to the package.

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2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

Let’s start with the spiciest version first: Spring for the Weissach Package on your Taycan Turbo GT, and you’ll get a massive fixed rear spoiler, a new front diffuser, and additional underbody air deflectors that add up to 485 pounds of total downforce to the car. The package also sheds 157 pounds of heft relative to the Taycan Turbo S by ditching the rear seats, the analog clock from the Sport Chrono package, floor and trunk mats, some of the sound insulation, and even the electric motor that soft-closes the trunk lid. We’re still talking about a sizable electric car with a hefty battery, so it’s not a light car so much as it is merely lighter.

The result is a Porsche that can knock off 0–60mph in just 2.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 190mph – up 10 mph from the non-Weissach Taycan Turbo GT. Perhaps more importantly, at least in certain social circles, you’ll be able to say a car built like yours currently holds production EV records at the Nürburgring (7:07.55) and Laguna Seca (1:27.87). That ’Ring record, by the way, is 26 seconds faster than Porsche’s previous Taycan lap record, set in a Taycan Turbo S in August 2022. The Taycan Turbo GT’s record does have a ways to go before it sniffs the fastest lap set by a gas-powered Porsche; a 2022 911 GT3 RS lapped the circuit in 6:49.328. Then again, the latter is basically a race car made legal for the road, while the former is an electric sports saloon stretched to hunt apexes, so an 18-ish second gap is reasonable.

Even without the Weissach Package, what’s on tap here is remarkable. All 2025 Taycan Turbo GTs offer 777bhp with a launch control mode that temporarily jolts peak output to 1019bhp. Separate from the launch control mode, there’s something called “attack mode,” which serves up 10 seconds of 160 added horsepower and unique damper settings for added grip. Peak system output – there’s a lot going on here and stacking the right calibrations and modes is complicated to articulate – is rated at 1092bhp. (Read: You can’t call up launch control and then think you can also cue up attack mode for 160 additional ponies on top of the 1019 already raring to go.)

Non-Weissach cars can still click off 60mph from a standstill in just 2.2 seconds. Even more impressive is the romp from 0–124mph, which Porsche says takes 6.6 or 6.4 seconds, depending on whether or not you have the Weissach Package. Those sprints are up to 1.3 seconds quicker than the previous high-water mark, set by the Taycan Turbo S.

Special 21-inch lightweight wheels with performance rubber are standard on the Taycan Turbo GT with or without the Weissach Package, as are lightweight carbon-ceramic brakes with new disc and caliper housing designs that shave off an additional four pounds of weight.

Even without the Weissach Package’s fixed rear spoiler, there’s quite a bit of aero trickery present in the form of a model-specific front spoiler with special endplates, a similar treatment out back, and side skirts between the wheels.

This handsome, high-performance model comes with an appropriately hefty price tag. When it arrives at U.S. dealerships this summer, the 2025 Taycan Turbo GT equipped will start at £186,300 including VAT, and you can expect to outlay a good chunk more for the Weissach Package. Records don’t come cheap, after all.

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