Interview: Join TV’s Alex Riley as he motors down memory lane

by Charlotte Vowden
16 February 2023 1 min read
Interview: Join TV’s Alex Riley as he motors down memory lane
Photo: The Car Years

Alex Riley is a television presenter and journalist, appearing on The Car Years, The Classic Car Show, The One Show and Britain’s Really Disgusting Foods. But some would say his claim to true fame is winning Celebrity Mastermind in 2014, tackling the specialist subject of Triumph’s TR sports cars.

Here he joins Charlotte Vowden and recalls his formative years behind the wheel – and a Citroën Visa that proved to be a disaster on wheels.

And if that’s not enough to grab your attention, Riley revisits the time he campaigned for the use of sustainably-sourced palm oils, ponders why repulsive food tastes so good, discusses his love of old-school fashion and Georgie Fame, ponders whether car judges are biased towards Lotus, and even gets onto the subject of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

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