Your 2024 Radwood Questions Answered

by Hagerty
29 April 2024 2 min read
Your 2024 Radwood Questions Answered

Radwood, the pastel-hued, stone-washed and spoilered celebration of Eighties and Nineties cars and culture, is back for 2024 with a new venue and even more exciting activities. If you’re into side-straked cars, sun-bleached hair, music from Madness to Madchester and movies from The Breakfast Club to The Big Lebowski, then Radwood is the place for you.

Radwood Ferrari 308

What is it?

Radwood is the only classic car show dedicated to the era of the 1980s and 1990s. Think GTis galore and wide-bodied Porsches driven by yuppies wielding massive car phones. The theme is “Excess All Areas,” and as Ferris Bueller wisely said: “You can never go too far.”

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When is it?

This year’s Radwood takes place on 7 September, so put that in your Psion organiser!

Historic Dockyard Chatham

Where is it?

Radwood takes over the Historic Dockyard in Chatham. It may not be Miami, but you can still expect a Crockett and Tubbs vibe from the cool cars on show.

How much does it cost?

Entry tickets for Radwood are just £15 for motorcycles and £25 per car (with as many people as you legally cram in!). For an extra £35 your motor can be entered into the Show ‘n’ Shine competition. Show me the money and get your tickets here!

RADwood 2022 is coming to town – get the look and get your tickets, now!

What should I drive?

Anything you like as long as it was built between 1980 and 1999! Maybe that’s a Max Power–style extended-arched hatchback with more oomph in its subwoofers than its engine, or a wonderful wedge-shaped sports car, or even a Loadsamoney “turbo nutter b**t**d”.

Radwood Rover SD1

What can I win?

Just 50 spaces are available in the Show ‘n’ Shine, and there’ll be rad awards for the Best ’80s and ’90s Saloon or Estate, Hatch, and Sports Car, plus a special prize for the Raddest Car of the Show, the Raddest dressed, and the Raddest Junior’s Choice. So get your “Wax on, wax off” and prep your car for the coolest car show of the year.

What’s else is happening?

There’ll be food and drink aplenty, the chance to go retro-shopping in a wide selection of stalls, and more activities that we’ll announce closer to the date.

Radwood fashion

What should I wear?

Dress to impress. Shell suits or shoulder pads, high-tops, “Choose Life” T-shirts, bucket hats, bum bags and biker shorts, Radwood trends span them all. Pick your outfit to match your motor and vogue with your vehicle.

Tickets are available now.

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