Join the Club: Everything you need to know about the Mazda MX-5 Owners Club

by Richard Dredge
1 June 2021 2 min read
Join the Club: Everything you need to know about the Mazda MX-5 Owners Club
Photos: Mazda MX-5 Owners Club

The MX-5 Owners Club (MX-5 OC) embraces just one model of car albeit spanning four generations, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the biggest and most active classic car clubs in the UK – and it even claims to be the largest group of MX-5 drivers in the world. The aims of the club have always been to promote the use and enjoyment of the MX-5, encourage safe driving, as well as to create a friendly environment where MX-5 owners can meet and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.


Mazda MX-5 Owners Club track day event

From the outset the MX-5 OC’s flagship annual event has been a National Rally, which this year will take place on the Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire on 19 September. However, in 2021 there will be another highlight and that’s a World Record Attempt – rather more than a mere gathering as the aim is to grab the record for the largest number of MX-5s in a parade, with the club having been foiled by the narrowest of margins in 2019. The plan is to gather 1000 MX-5s at Elvington Airfield on the 20 June.

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For those who want to really enjoy their MX-5, the club offers a constant stream of opportunities for drivers of all abilities to get on track with sprint, autosolo and track days at venues across the UK. The Club also helps those drivers who want something more full-on to get started with racing in one of the UK’s MX-5 race series.

With 35 active regional groups spread across the UK, there’s also no shortage of local events to get stuck into, from pub nights to drives out and weekends away.

Key initiatives

As the world’s best-selling sports car there’s a wealth of specialists around the globe that keep MX-5s ticking over as well as offering lots of upgrades and improvements. The MX-5 OC can help owners who want to improve their cars, in various ways. The club’s bi-monthly magazine Soft Top Hardtop publishes technical articles and the site’s forums are a constant source of information shared between members.

The club also has a relationship with dozens of specialists that sell parts and/or maintain/upgrade the MX-5. As a result, members can benefit from offers and discounts at a huge array of companies such as MX5parts, AutolinkMX-5, Demon Tweeks, MX-5 Works, EBC, Pipercross, Spax and BBRGti.

Other benefits

The Club’s technical consultant offers members an invaluable care and maintenance resource for their MX-5. Those who’d like to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with maintenance tasks can refer to the regular DIY features in the Club’s magazine which make for practical and easy to follow technical guides, in addition to downloadable guides, online forum and face-to-face help at club events. If you need advice the club is here to help.

The MX-5 Owners Club also helps members to advertise and sell cars as well as parts to each other through its classifieds listing service. The value of this shouldn’t be under-estimated, as the best classic cars of any type often change hands within the club environment – regardless of the car or the club.

Need to know: Mazda MX-5 Owners Club

Founded: 1994
Current membership: 7500
Membership fees: £39.90 (joining), £35 (renewing), +£10 overseas
Regional groups: 35 across the UK
Publications: Bi-monthly A4 magazine Soft Top Hardtop
Club website:
Twitter: @mx5oc; Instagram: mx5ownersclub
Facebook:; Youtube: MX-5 videos are viewable on the MX-5 OC website

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  • Stephen says:

    Would like to join the mx5 owners club and find out how to register for the world record on 20th June at Elvington

  • BarryWilkes says:

    We mx5 owners on the Isle ofWight are supposed to be in the Solent area club.
    However we get little to no support from Solentclub,some of this is understandable due to the high cost of ferry fares to and from the Island. Given this what would be the feelings of the owners club about a few of us starting an Island branch separate from the Solent one .

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Barry, this is probably a question better directed to the club itself rather than an article about the club.


    Hi looking to know where the chassis number location is on a 1991 mx 5. I have found a number but it has only 11 characters. I just need to make sure I have the right number so I can apply for the tax book.

    • Antony Ingram says:

      Hello Colin. From memory the chassis number is stamped into the metal at the back of the engine bay. It might be partly obscured by brake pipes or similar.

  • Paul Darwen says:

    Hi, my name is Paul Darwen, I have recently purchased my first mx5 and I am looking at joining the club ,I am in preston Lancashire. Could you please forward me the contact name and details of the northwest as I would like to ask a few questions. Thankyou Paul

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