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This disassembled DB5 is the world’s best Airfix kit

by Nik Berg
28 October 2022 2 min read
This disassembled DB5 is the world’s best Airfix kit
Photos: Collecting Cars

If you’re handy with the spanners you could snap up this 1964 Aston Martin DB5 for a song. The car is mostly restored… there’s just the small matter of putting all the pieces back together.

For sale through Collecting Cars with a few days left to run, the DB5 project’s Superleggera alloy and steel body has been stripped back to bare metal from its original Black Pearl, giving the new owner a free choice when it comes to colour.

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New panels have been hand-fabricated where required, and the suspension and steering restored or renewed. Five wire wheels in original unrestored condition come with the car, but when the new owner has assembled all the obvious bits, they’ll still need to decide what to do with the interior, since that will need to be retrimmed as well – though the seat covers do come with the car.

The engine has been upgraded to 4.2-litre specification at Bell Sport & Classic, and the listing notes new oil and water pumps, so if you can figure out how to fit everything – or have an expert mechanic handy – it should be suitably reliable for the kind of grand tours these cars invite.

The car was first maintained by Aston Martin Works Service, before heading over to the US. Little is known with what happened to the car while it was out there, though this partial restoration has undone the Caribbean Pearl blue colour scheme and red leather interior it returned to the UK with in 2016.

When everything is reassembled in the right order this DB5 could be worth more than £700,000 according to to Hagerty’s valuation team. At the time of writing bidding had broken the £300,000 mark, so if all the pieces are there it could be quite a deal. We do wonder why this potentially very profitable project was abandoned, however.

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