Larry Chen Takes a Wild Ride in a Lancia Delta Integrale Restomod | Capturing Car Culture

by Brandan Gillogly
9 May 2024 2 min read
Larry Chen Takes a Wild Ride in a Lancia Delta Integrale Restomod | Capturing Car Culture
Photos courtesy Larry Chen

Few cars embody rowdy rally driving like the Lancia Delta Integrale. Known for its World Rally Championship dominance, its snorting and popping engine, and of course, its crisp bodylines, the legendary Lancia has been given new life by Italian businessman Eugenio Amos. Automobili Amos invited automotive and car culture photographer Larry Chen to visit Milan to see one of the company’s reimagined rally cars for the street and its newest variant, the Delta Integrale Safarista.

Besides shooting the limited-production machines, Chen got a front-row seat to experience the car’s brutal performance. “I’ve ridden in rally cars on the street, and this felt every bit like it … It probably makes more horsepower than most rally cars,” said Chen from the passenger seat. 

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Each new Delta Integrale from Automobili Amos features several interesting design changes that make the late-’70s styling a bit more sleek and modern, without losing its angular appeal. Chen gets to inspect the company’s first production high-end restomod, the Delta Integrale Futurista, alongside an original Integrale to compare the updates, from new taillights that incorporate the wing flares to the hidden roll cage that is tucked up close to the roof and pillars.

“This is our philosophy,” said Amos, “you know, small details without changing dramatically or making it too cartoony.” 

The real treat, though, is the new Delta Integrale Safarista, the spicier rally version. Automobili Amos will build just 10 copies at €600,000. The Safarista is more raw, and the roll cage is more extensive and more visible. Its engine bay has fewer cosmetic coverings, allowing the turbocharged engine to show off its race-proven parts. Amos and Chen get into the car’s nitty-gritty details before heading out on a spirited drive. Chen also gets a chance behind the wheel of Amos’ personal Futurista. Check out the video to see Chen’s reaction to these rally-bred beasts.

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