How will you do in our Jaguar centenary quiz?

by Hagerty
13 May 2022 1 min read
How will you do in our Jaguar centenary quiz?
Photo: Klemantaski Collection via Getty Images

While it didn’t carry the name until later, the company we know today as Jaguar was started by William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922 – making 2022 the company’s centenary year.

Today the company is undergoing a period of change like many of its rivals, but has a history of both desirable road cars and racing success that only a handful of other companies can match.

It’s also more diverse than many expect, so we’ve put together a short quiz that delves into not just the familiar but also the unexpected. Just how much do you know about Jaguar?

#1. Who were the founders of the company that led to Jaguar?

It was actually William Lyons and William Walmsley.

#2. What does the SS in early Jaguar models stand for?

Jaguar started out as the Swallow Sidecar Company, lending early models the SS moniker.

#3. Which company did Jaguar co-develop its first disc brakes with?

Slow down a moment! It was Dunlop.

#4. When did Jaguar win its first Le Mans 24 Hours?

Jaguar’s first Le Mans win came in 1951 with the XK-120C of Peter Walker and Peter Whitehead.

#5. Jaguar attempted to replace the E-type on more than one occasion. What name did they give this striking roadster?

Jaguar unveiled the XK180 concept in 2000.

#6. Which well-known motorsport outfit was involved in creating the first XJ40-based XJR?

Tom Walkinshaw Racing was part of the JaguarSport enterprise set up to develop the XJR.

#7. Which Italian styling house created this sleek Jaguar saloon concept?

The Bertone B99 concept was first shown at the 2011 Geneva motor show.

#8. Which of these brands was not in Ford’s Premier Automotive Group, that Jaguar was a part of from 1999?

The odd one out here is Mercury, which unlike its cousin Lincoln, was not part of the Premier Automotive Group.

#9. What is the popular term for the ornament once fixed atop the grilles of Jaguar cars?

Jaguar’s famous mascot is known as the “leaper”.

#10. What is special about this E-Type Roadster, wearing the 77 RW registration?

77 RW is the car Norman Dewis drove overnight to the Geneva motor show, ahead of the car’s original unveiling to the press.

#11. The Italdesign Jaguar Kensington never became a Jaguar, but what car was the design eventually adapted for?

After Jaguar turned it down, Italdesign repurposed the design for Daewoo for its 1997 Leganza saloon.

#12. Which well-known car designer crafted Jaguar’s short-lived XJR-15 supercar?

It was Peter Stevens that designed the XJR-15, in conjunction with TWR.



Well done – you clearly know your big cats from your swallows…

Better luck next time – perhaps you’ll do better after the next 100 years…

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