Can you handle our front wheel drive quiz?

by Hagerty
18 February 2022 1 min read
Can you handle our front wheel drive quiz?
Photo: Honda

A front wheel drive layout has numerous engineering benefits, from extra passenger space to more predictable handling for inexperienced drivers. But over the years, inspired minds at car companies the world over have done great things with cars that power only their front wheels.

The Issigonis Mini mixed astonishing packaging with giant-killing handling, Alfa Romeo showed it was just as capable of engineering a driver’s car as a rear-driver with the Alfasud, and in more recent years brands like Honda and Renault have rewritten the rules for just what the seemingly humble layout can do.

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From motorsport trivia through hot hatchbacks to classics, our latest quiz pays homage to all those that drive their front wheels. How many answers do you know?

#1. We all know the Citroën 2CV used front wheel drive, but which of these other European people’s cars drove its front wheels?

The correct answer was the Trabant 601

#2. Mazda has only made one front-wheel driven rotary-engined car. What was it called?

Mazda’s front-drive rotary coupe was known as the Luce, pronounced “Loo-chay”

#3. In what year was Audi forced to abandon its mighty Quattro system in the BTCC, and run a front-wheel drive A4?

Audi was forced to run front-wheel drive from 1998, though its Quattros were always hobbled with heavy weight penalties

#4. Which of these funky coupes put the most power through its front wheels?

Of these four coupes, the Xsara was most powerful, making 164bhp

#5. The Mini’s three Monte Carlo Rally victories are well known. But how many international rallies did Minis win in total?

Minis won 32 international rallies between 1960 and 1972

#6. Which of these hot 1980s hatches had its front wheels tamed by a limited-slip differential?

The answer was the Ford, though contemporary reviews suggest it wasn’t always effective…

#7. What did Renault call its version of the clever MacPherson strut design that separates suspension movement from the steering axis?

The correct name for Renault’s version of the suspension system was PerfoHub

#8. Which car currently holds the front-wheel drive lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife?

The Renault Megane Trophy-R is currently the quickest front-wheel drive to navigate the ‘Ring

#9. Lotus has only made one front-wheel drive sports car, the Elan M100, but which of these hot hatchbacks did it help develop?

Lotus did quite a bit of work on the Proton Satria GTi, and turned it into a genuinely competitive hot hatch

#10. Which of these front-wheel drive cars did not use a transversely-mounted straight six?

The Austin 1800 is the odd one out here – though its larger siblings did get a transverse inline six



Well done, it seems a little torque steer is no problem for you!

Better luck next time – we’re guessing you prefer your cars to steer from the rear…

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