Mellow yellow Porsche 911 RSR tribute goes electric

by Nik Berg
20 December 2023 2 min read
Mellow yellow Porsche 911 RSR tribute goes electric

Everrati Automotive is calling its latest electro-mod an “homage to the legendary 964 RSR” but we suspect Porsche purists may have some other choice names in mind as it ditches the car’s sonorific six-cylinder engine for batteries and an e-motor.

Built by Everrati’s US partner, California’s Aria Group, the car is a tribute to the 1993 RSR 3.8 and is said to be its most driver-focused car so far. The turbo-style widebody is mostly carbon fibre and the car is fitted with a whopping wing at the rear, along with 18-inch HRE alloy wheels. The rear seats are removed and a roll-cage installed, while lightweight sports seats are also bolted in.

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The 300 bhp 3.8-litre boxer engine and its five-speed manual transmission get the chop in favour of a 63 kWh battery pack and electric motors. Everrati doesn’t quote a power output for this second-generation system, but claims that will match the original RSR’s 3.7-second 0-60 mph time. A full charge is reckoned to be good for 200 miles.

A limited slip differential and TracTive active and adaptive suspension update the handling, although Everrati claims to have kept the original rear-bias in weight distribution (without mentioning an actual weight, mind).

“As car custodians and passionate automotive enthusiasts, Everrati is honouring the 964 RSR’s influence and legacy with its redefined model, creating a fully future-proofed example of sustainable luxury in the process, a rolling piece of art, a vehicle that can be enjoyed by generations to come,” says the firm.

“This exciting new addition to our range of redefined and electrified 911s is without doubt the most driver-focused yet,” adds CEO Justin Lunny. “Paying homage to a legendary model from three decades ago, our new ‘RSR’ gets pulses racing with a host of lightweight enhancements, resulting in an unrivalled experience that combines the best of classic design with modern, zero-emission, performance.”

Porsche only built a total of 51 3.8-litre RSRs for endurance racing and just two road-going Strassenversions. One of those recently sold at Bonhams for more than £1.6 million, but what would you be willing to pay for this voltswagen tribute act?


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