Ferrari Fire Sale: A Dino for £102,000

by Nik Berg
17 May 2024 1 min read
Ferrari Fire Sale: A Dino for £102,000
Gullwing Motors

Billed as the cheapest example on the market, a 1972 Ferrari 246GT Dino could be yours at a bargain price. There’s just one slight problem – it’s a fire-ravaged wreck.

Gullwing Motors of New York describes the car as having been “completely burnt.” There are gaping holes in the bonnet, tail and rear quarter panel as flames ate through the steel bodywork, which is now almost entirely covered in surface rust. The interior is totally gone but the 2.4-litre V6 engine seems to have mostly survived, although anything that isn’t metal has melted.

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Before the fire the car was finished in Marron Colorado with tan leather and is US specification, having been delivered to Luigi Chinetti Motors in New York from the factory. Power windows and cromodora wheels (now destroyed) were fitted.

“This car clearly needs complete restoration,” notes Gullwing Motors, adding “This deal is on fire!” and “The Dino market is hot and shows no signs of cooling.”

All jokes aside, if the car can be recovered then it could well be worth the effort. In 2022 a 1974 example set an all-time auction record at $858,000 (£675,600), we picked it out as a rising star in our 2022 Bull Market, and Dinos are now even outselling Daytonas.

“Driving the Dino was like no other experience,” says past owner Wayne Carini. “From how well the car fit me, to the perfect balance front to rear, as well as the car’s overall balance of power, handling, braking, and shifting from the five-speed manual transmission.”

If you’re tempted to rescue this destroyed Dino then make sure you read our guide first and check the latest value with our valuation tool.

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