Caterham Chopped Up a Chopper to Build this Weapons-Grade Seven

by Nik Berg
5 July 2024 1 min read
Caterham Chopped Up a Chopper to Build this Weapons-Grade Seven

Caterham Cars has joined forces with the Royal Air Force to create a unique car, built from a Puma HC2 helicopter.

The Seven’s bodywork comes straight from the aircraft’s riveted aluminium fuselage, with the tail boom and doors being deployed to shape the car’s side and rear panels. They’re exactly as they came of the chopper, complete with original RAF roundels and tail numbers. The rest of the car is painted NATO green to match.

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Military hardware features throughout the car with the Puma’s quilted soundproofing being used to trim the interior, along with the helicopter’s switches and instruments being repurposed for the road. Under the hood an ammunition box holds the car’s battery.

The weapons-grade Seven is powered by a 180-hp two-litre Ford Duratec engine and features a track suspension package and black Apollo alloy wheels wearing sticky Toyo R888R tyres. You wouldn’t want to get into a trackday dogfight with this car.

The Seven was built by serving personnel from RAF Benson in Oxfordshire at Caterham’s new factory, and the names of all who performed duties on the build are written on the hood.

“The car highlights the amazing skills of the engineering teams that both maintain the RAF Pumas and that work in industry,” says RAF Benson’s Squadron Leader Morley. “It’s our opportunity to celebrate the history of the RAF Puma Force while showcasing the opportunities that are available within the RAF and wider STEM community.”

This one-of-a-kind Seven will make its debut at the British Grand Prix to promote the RAF’s STEM activities and will then be auctioned off on the Collecting Cars website from 15 August to 12 September. The goal is to raise £100,000 for charities Mission Motorsport and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.


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