Hagerty Radical Cup Racer Takes to the Track with Sustainable Fuel

by Nik Berg
28 June 2024 2 min read
Hagerty Radical Cup Racer Takes to the Track with Sustainable Fuel

History was made at Oulton Park on 24 June as Gavin McAlpine became the first Hagerty Radical Cup driver to run his car on an eco-friendly fuel.

McAlpine’s appropriately green number 17 SR3 XXR was powered by Sustain Super 80, developed by Coryton (the same fuel we ran in the rather slower Hagerty-liveried EnduroKA in 2023).

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Sustain Super 80 is a so-called “drop-in” fuel which means it’s a direct replacement for normal pump petrol and no engine modifications are needed. As the name suggests it is made from 80 per cent biofuels which are manufactured from agricultural waste including straw and crops unfit for consumption. These plants have captured CO2 from the atmosphere as they grew, so the resulting emissions from the fuel are effectively carbon neutral.

Radical powered by Sustain 4

Racing with Sustain was a no-brainer for McAlpine who is Chairman of Renewable Energy Systems, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company. “I have been exploring sustainable fuels for some years now,” he said. “Two of the passions in my life are the natural world and the automotive world. And I believe that technological developments are the solution to many of the world environmental issues so being able to indulge now one of my passions and contribute to a sustainable low carbon future is a great step forward for me personally, for the racing community and of course the future of transportation.”

Radical put Sustain through a thorough test programme before the race, to ensure that it would not give any advantage or disadvantage compared to the rest of the grid.

“It didn’t feel any different; the power and speed are the same,” said McAlpine.

“The recent developments in sustainable fuel are an exciting step forward for motorsport, offering an alternative solution that can be enjoyed by owners of older cars without the need to make any modifications, and without any impact on performance,” added Radical Motorsport’s Global Head of Marketing, Jon Roach. “Seeing one Radical on the grid here in the UK is a small step, but a step in the right direction and hopefully will provide the catalyst to start the right conversations.”

The Hagerty Radical Cup heads to Paul Ricard in France next, before returning to the UK on 27-28 July where drivers from other national championships including the UAE and USA will also join the grid.

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