Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Channels F1 for first Mythos Masterpiece

by Nik Berg
24 May 2024 2 min read
Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Channels F1 for first Mythos Masterpiece

Just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix Mercedes-AMG has pulled the wraps off the debut model in its ultra-limited Mythos series.

The PureSpeed is a two-seater barchetta, inspired by the pinnacle of motor racing, and is the most extreme open-topped Mercedes since the spectacular Stirling Moss edition of the SLR McLaren which came out in 2008.

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While that was a tribute to Sir Stirling, his co-driver Derek Jenkinson and their incredible 1955 Mille Miglia-winning 300 SLR, the PureSpeed picks up some features from the latest racing knight’s car. Since 2018 Sir Lewis Hamilton has been protected by the halo system on his F1 car, and now Mercedes-AMG has adapted it for road use.

The aerodynamic arch replaces the A-pillar and runs over the top of the cockpit, separating the driver from passenger, both of whom get custom helmets, because the PureSpeed offers no windscreen or windows to shield them from the elements.

Mercedes AMG PureSpeed 5

Although the PureSpeed looks quite minimalist there’s actually rather a lot going on design-wise, with a front end modeled on the AMG One, and a nod to the 300 SLR in the design in the form of the flying buttresses at the rear of the car. There’s more racing history in the color scheme which is graduated from Le Mans red to the graphite gray worn by Mercedes when it won the 1924 Targa Florio. Carbon fiber is used extensively throughout, most notably on the halo and the aerodynamic wheel covers. As another homage to motorsport there’s a purpose-designed clock by long-time sponsor IWC Schaffhausen mounted on the dashboard.

“The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed offers a glimpse of what is probably the most direct way to experience performance and driving pleasure,” says Michael Schiebe, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG. “Radically open, neither a roof nor the windscreen separate the two passengers from the elements. You can experience light, air and passion unfiltered with all your senses.”

Beneath the racy modifications lies an SL, of course, and although AMG hasn’t revealed any technical specification for the PureSpeed at this stage, it’s surely going to be a further-enhanced version of the 800 bhp SL63 E. We do know that it will be limited to just 250 examples and, of course, will be suitably expensive.

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