Join the Club: Jaguar Drivers’ Club

by Richard Dredge
31 October 2022 3 min read
Join the Club: Jaguar Drivers’ Club
Photos: Jaguar Drivers' Club and Richard Dredge

Many of the bigger single-marque owners’ clubs were founded in the second half of the 1970s, when the classic vehicle movement really started to gain momentum. But the Jaguar Drivers’ Club (JDC) had been going for two decades by then, because it was set up in 1956, just a decade or so after Jaguar was founded. However, Jaguar grew out of Swallow Sidecars, created in 1922, and as a result the JDC caters for all cars built by both marques, right up to the latest products of the now Tata-owned company. As if that isn’t enough, the club also caters for Daimler owners from the earliest models through to the Super V8 that was built until 2007.

Gareth Jones is one of the JDC’s directors. He tell Hagerty it’s more than ‘just’ a car club. “As every member will tell you, belonging to the Jaguar Drivers’ Club is to be part of an international community of people with a love of Jaguars and Daimlers. Whether you own one of these cars or you dream of having one, there’s a place for you in the Jaguar Drivers’ Club.”

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Join the Club: Jaguar Drivers' Club

One of the key reasons why so many people join the Jaguar Drivers’ Club is for the variety of events that take place throughout the year. Local groups put on shows around the UK throughout the year, while the club puts on plenty of national events for all members to enjoy, and it also supports a lot of fixtures organised by third parties such as the NEC classic car show in November, Techno Classica in Essen, and the monthly Jaguar Breakfast Club that takes place at the British Motor Museum.

Gareth Jones highlights some recent successes. “Two keynote events from the 2022 calendar were the Swallow-Jaguar Centenary at Brooklands; almost 1000 Jaguars and Daimlers were there. In July, Jaguars at Wappenbury celebrated the heritage of Sir William Lyons, filling his former home with the sight and sound of his legacy.”

Join the Club: Jaguar Drivers' Club

For those of you tackling a project or simply looking to future-proof a rare Jaguar, are also Jaguar Spares Days that run each year; the next two will be held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern on 5 March and 8 October 2023. These are reckoned to be the biggest such days anywhere in the world, with huge numbers of parts available for anyone undertaking a restoration or their own maintenance.

For those that wish to stretch their Jaguar’s legs, each year the Jaguar Drivers’ Club organises a number of tours in the UK and overseas. In September 2022 the club ran a 14-day trip to Spain and France, with 19 cars and 38 people taking part. Modern XKs were the most popular cars but there were also four E-types, an XJ-S and a 420G flying the flag for the classics. In 2023 the club intends to run a similar trip, with a visit to Portugal.

Key initiatives

Jaguar Drivers' Club

As with so many car clubs, the Jaguar Drivers’ Club is all about supporting its members, whether that’s within its local groups – which put a big emphasis on the social side – or with technical help when you get stuck on a repair or improvement. There are 31 regional groups around the UK, plus another half a dozen in mainland Europe.

Each type of Jaguar and Daimler is represented within the JDC by its own register, led by someone who has excellent knowledge of the model range in question. As a result, you should be able to get the answer to any question. Well, almost any question…

For those who work on their own cars, the club has negotiated discounts with many of the key marque specialists such as Martin Robey, SNG Barratt, David Manners and plenty more. During the course of a restoration – or even routine maintenance – it’s easy to save the price of annual membership, several times over. Even if you don’t carry out larger maintenance tasks on your car, you can take advantage of the club’s Halfords Trade Discount Card which you can apply for after joining.

Other benefits

Join the Club: Jaguar Drivers' Club

The JDC’s monthly magazine Jaguar Driver goes out to all members in print form, but it’s also available online for those who prefer a digital read. The magazine not only covers the latest news about Jaguar as well as reviews on its products, but it also features articles on the company’s heritage. There are also more general techical features, motor sport updates, club event coverage plus the latest from the area groups around the country.

And as Jones explains, the option to download editions means you can set aside useful stories to return to at a later date. “The online edition is popular because it’s readable on all devices. With active web and email links, you can order parts from specialist suppliers or contact them. Jaguar Driver online is great to use, with its thumbnail navigation option and page-turning technology. It’s also searchable and has a download option.”

Need to know: Jaguar Drivers’ Club

Founded: 1956
Current membership: 5000
Membership fees: £20 (under-30s), £36-£54 (single), £41-£59 (family)
Regional groups: 31 in the UK, six overseas
Publications: Monthly online and print magazine, Jaguar Driver
Club website:
Facebook: Jaguar Drivers’ Club Instagram: jaguardriversclub

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